Staff Directory

Our staff is comprised of knowledgeable and committed professionals dedicated to providing education and information resources about the cable industry.
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General Information: 720.502.7500

Robin Berhost

  • Manager, Event Sales and Planning

Karen Chipley

  • Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Diane Christman

  • Senior Vice President Marketing and Development

Sarah Clausen

  • Accounting Assistant

Laura Cymansky

  • Sales and Event Coordinator

Emily Gibson

  • Marketing and Communications Manager

Lindy Hatch

  • Sales and Event Coordinator

Jana Henthorn

  • Senior VP of Academic and Industry Outreach

Brian Kenny

  • Librarian, Barco Library

Cynthia Lang

  • Senior Executive Assistant

Steven Luiting

  • Web Designer / Developer

Jaime Reitz

  • Project Coordinator and Executive Assistant
Larry Satkowiak

Larry Satkowiak

  • President and Chief Executive Officer

Toni Spinuzzi

  • Administrative Assistant

Karen Stone

  • Event Coordinator