About The Cable Center

Established in 1985, The Cable Center plays an integral role in the cable industry. The Center's resources and information document cable's rich heritage, while The Cable Center programs and support help fuel the industry's progress.

With physical headquarters in Denver, Colorado, The Center's presence extends wherever cable professionals work and wherever cable customers live. Our industry-wide mission and scope of service serve everyone involved in cable: operators, programmers, vendors, suppliers, professionals, and nonprofit industry organizations, as well as higher education and the general public.

The Cable Center's unique historical resources are a living, growing testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of cable's founders and to the innovative culture that drives the industry forward. Our programs help current professionals excel in their roles, while our higher education programs introduce future generations to this dynamic industry. And our seminal customer care programs make a powerful contribution to the industry's collective efforts to improve customer relationships.

We encourage you to browse through this section: learn more about our mission, board of directors and staff and find out how to support The Cable Center.