Cable Mavericks Lecture Series - Videos

Want to see the Cable Mavericks in action? Here you will find video of past Cable Mavericks Lectures.

Featured Videos

Cable Mavericks Lecture Series (Runtime 00:06:10)
What is a Cable Maverick?
  An intro to the Cable Mavericks
  Lecture Series (Runtime 00:06:10)

TV 101: Evan Shapiro President, Participant & Pivot Television  (Runtime 01:33:04)
Evan Shapiro, Participant & Pivot Television
  TV 101: A Brief History of Television
  (Runtime 01:33:04)



Julian Brodsky at The Columbia School of Business (Runtime 01:16:46)
 Julian Brodsky
 Oct 2012 | Columbia School of
 Business (76:46)

John Malone, Liberty Global, Inc. | Daniels College of Business (Runtime 01:38:58)
John Malone
May 2012 | Daniels School
of Business (98:58)

Michael Smith at Columbia Business School (Runtime 01:04:01)
 Michael Smith
 April 2012 | Columbia Business
 School (64:01)

Jerald Kent at Washington University (Runtime 00:58:13)
Jerald L. Kent
November 2011 | Washington University
in St. Louis (58:13)


Q&A Session with Peter Stern (Runtime 00:08:55)
Q&A with Peter Stern
May 2011 | The New School

Alan Gerry at Syracuse University (24:01)
Alan Gerry
September 2010 | Syracuse
University (24:01)

Brian Lamb at Northern Virginia Community College (70:53)
Brian Lamb
January 2010 | Northern Virginia
Community College (70:53)

Chris McCumber at Lafayette College (62:25)
Chris McCumber
November 2009 | Lafayette College


Steve Rizley at Arizona State University (52:23)
Steve Rizley
October 2009 | Arizona State
University (52:23)

Josh Sapan at The New School (48:31)
Josh Sapan
April 2009 | The New School

Steve Schiffman at Northwestern University (55:28)
Steve Schiffman
November 2009 | Northwestern
University (55:28)

Ted Turner at The Cable Center (58:40)
Ted Turner
December 2009 | The Cable Center

Michael Willner and Gerry Laybourne at Univeristy of Kentucky (48:32)
Michael Willner & Gerry Laybourne
November 2008 | University of Kentucky


The Cable Mavericks Lecture Series is supported by a significant donation from the Motorola Foundation.