Customer Experience Management

Ongoing CEM Research and Resources


Project Lead: Dr. Ronald Rizzuto

The Cable Center and the University of Denver have initiated a research agenda that focuses on the following aspects of CEM in repair operations in cable:

  • Delineation  of the current benchmarks of performance - What is good and bad performance both in terms of operating performance (number of voluntary disconnects, number of repeat trouble calls, number of phone calls) and CEM (customer effort, customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score)
  • Develop correlations - between CEM metrics (Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Effort, Churn) and repair and service performance metrics (first call resolution, repeat trouble calls, outage %, others)
  • Development of early warning metrics - Using  network and CPE telemetry information that signal emerging problems so operators can do a better job of solving problems before the customer has an issue. 
  • Describe and document the challenges that cable companies have to overcome in order to deliver integrated CEM given  the ‘silo’ nature of repair operations in cable.


  • Customer Care Guidebook:  Customer Care Central’s newest addition is Customer Experience Management: Lessons and Insights for the Cable Industry, an industry guidebook published in partnership with CableFAX magazine.  The book offers articles by leading academics and national customer care authorities as well as experts from within the industry. Link is temporarily disconnected. Please stay tuned.
  • Cable Center Customer Care Committee (C5):  The 25 invited members of C5 represent the top 10 cable operators in North America and Europe.  The group meets via monthly webinars and in person twice per year to analyze every aspect of customer experience management and learn from thought leaders in this rapidly evolving field.
  • Cox Customer Experience Management MBA Program:   Customer Care Central promotes customer care as an academic discipline through its support of a unique MBA program at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.  Led by Dr. Charles Patti, the James M. Cox Professor of Customer Experience Management, the program awakens business students to the importance of quality customer care in a competitive marketplace.  
  • Cable Industry Events:  The Cable Center extends new customer care information beyond the industry’s leadership ranks through forums at the annual NCTA Cable Show and other large industry events.  Attendees learn new ideas and techniques that can be implemented quickly in their communities.