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 Loyal Order of the 704

Real Engineers Wear Pink

The Loyal Order of the 704 is a society of cable engineering pioneers named after the Jerrold 704 Field Strength Meter.

A cheeky bunch, the Loyal Order of the 704 was founded in 1994 by engineers who felt they had gotten the “shaft” in terms of industry recognition (which is also why The Cable Center’s freight elevator shaft is named in honor of the Order).

Today, the group is one of cable’s most active—and colorful—organizations. Loyal Order members are faithful to their mascot, Pinky the Flamingo, and often wear pink in his honor. To be inducted into the Order, you must have:

  • 1. More than 30 years of cable technical operations experience
  • 2. The ability to tell a good tale about the 704 Meter
  • 3. The ability to wear a pink flamingo cap while kissing Pinky on his feathered derrière.

2010 New Orleans