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With your generous support, The Cable Center connects the industry's past, present and future for academics, students, the press and the public.  The Cable Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization; your gifts are fully tax deductible as provided by law.

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Thank you for considering a gift to The Cable Center.  You can support our mission with an unrestricted gift or you can choose to direct your gift among the following established funds:


  • Donate to The Cable History Fund

    Cable History Fund: Help establish The Cable Center as the leading information resource for the study of the cable industry. This Fund is directed to the Cable History Project, providing support for such projects as the Three Generations booklet and book, website development, oral histories and the Three Generations documentary.
  • Donate to The Cable Today & Tomorrow Fund

    Cable Today & Tomorrow Fund: Help present the positive, real-life side of the cable industry to a multitude of audiences. This Fund is directed to the projects of Cable Today & Tomorrow, which illustrates through story and dialogue what the industry looks like today, what it could become in the future, and its impact on society and culture.
  • Donate to The Cable Pioneer Fund

    Cable Pioneer Fund: Help with our goal to recognize cable’s role in a competitive free market system with special emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. This Fund supports and stewards the legacy and stories of the cable industry by underwriting oral histories.
  • Donate to the Barco Library Endowment

    Barco Library Endowment: Help us encourage others to study and understand the legacy of the cable industry. This Endowment supports the work of the Barco Library, providing funding for acquisitions, cataloging and processing collections, and digitizing industry photos and videos.
  • Donate to the Opportunity Fund

    Opportunity Fund: Help The Center remain flexible and nimble when called upon. This Fund supports special industry-requested, one-time initiatives or projects.
  • Naming Opportunities

    donatesquareNamingdonationNaming Opportunities: You paid your dues and made your mark upon the cable industry. Celebrate your accomplishments with an ever-lasting naming opportunity, housed in the one place created especially to honor the achievements of those who built, and continue to build, the cable industry. The Cable Center reflects the innovative and vibrant culture of the telecommunications industry. Become a part of the lasting legacy. A variety of naming opportunities are available for your consideration.


The Cable Center supports and unites our industry and is a beacon to attract top talent to Cable...
— Ann Carlsen

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