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Cable Center Summer Internship Program 2014

In the summer of 2014, five students interned at The Center and assisted with a variety of projects in the Barco Library, business office and for the web development team. The interns helped to inventory, catalogue and organize the digital media collections so the library can better serve the public’s research needs. Interns also inventoried our fixed assets and began creating a 3-D model of The Cable Center that will eventually be put on the website.

“The Cable Center’s Internship program is an ideal way for young people to gain exposure to our dynamic industry and acquire meaningful work experience,” said Larry Satkowiak, president and CEO of The Cable Center. “It has been a pleasure to be able to work with such energetic and talented young people.”

In its second year, the Summer Internship program successfully grew upon the first year’s success, welcoming back two former interns and expanding the breadth of assigned projects.

2013 Cable Center InternsPictured L-R: Trenton Lee, Nic van Dessel, Marcus Gaiter and Wren Schuyler. Not shown: Mackenzie Christman

University of Denver senior, Nic van Dessel, played a significant role in the continued website redesign and also future online exhibits planned for The Center by creating a 3-D model of the building. This model will eventually allow for tours of the Library as well as showcasing the event spaces. Finishing his degree in emergent digital practices, Nic said the internship taught him about the process of how projects change and evolve, and how to be flexible when things don’t go as planned. It was a great opportunity to work first hand in a business environment.”

Markus Gaiter interned with the business office assisting with fixed assets projects that are a vital part of The Center’s audit and review process. Markus, a first-year graduate student at the University of Denver studying sports performance and psychology, eventually wants to own his own company. “My experience at The Center learning about accounting and assets will help me achieve my future goals,” he said.

Second-year intern, Wren Schuyler, a sophomore at the University of Denver, said the internship allowed her a different perspective and helped her hone a multitude of skills that will be applicable to her future career. Wren reorganized and created inventories for the Jacob Trobe and James Goodale video collections making them easily searchable and accessible to the public.

Trenton Lee, a freshman at Colorado University in Boulder, digitized all the WICT interviews for The Cable History Project. He said it was a “great experience and gave him the opportunity to learn about cable influencers and also to gain valuable skills in video software.”

Mackenzie Christman, another second-year intern, enjoyed establishing relationships with the other interns and her continued mentorship from The Cable Center staff. Mackenzie, a current high school senior at the Denver Center for International Studies created inventories for a large donation from CableLabs, a donation from John Campbell, and a substantial part of our General Video Collection.  She also created an exhibit of Tocom equipment in a display case located in the Barco library.

“These five outstanding young people were a pleasure to work with and added considerable value to The Center during their tenure,” said Jana Henthorn, senior vice president of academic and industry outreach.

As they completed their final days at The Center, all the interns said that the program was a great learning experience and gave them knowledge that will be valuable to their future endeavors.

The Cable Center will accept applications for its 2015 Summer Internship program starting March 1, 2015. A separate internship program specifically targeted to marketing, communication and web design majors will accept applications year-round. Contact the Marketing Department for more information regarding the latter program. The Student Internship and Student Ambassador programs are part of The Cable Center’s DeSorrento Opportunity for Excellence Award, which honors the memory of Justin DeSorrento by identifying motivated students who are interested in entering the cable industry