Community of Innovators

Community of Innovators

Community of Innovators 

Program Overview
The cable industry is about connection, from the groundbreaking content that connects audiences, to the physical cable that supports most of the world’s internet, television, and telephone systems.

Its story is one of growth, creativity, and innovation. The industry was founded by visionaries who developed the fiber-optic cable and modem that made much of today’s technology possible.
As the curator of the industry’s entrepreneurial legacy, The Cable Center is in a unique position to help shape its future.

The Community of Innovators (COI), is designed to promote the entrepreneurial spirit on which the cable industry was built by connecting the next generation—students, the industry’s rising stars, and entrepreneurs — with industry trailblazers and top executives.

The program was conceived with the industry leaders at its center. At the core of the program, these trailblazers and top executives connect the other three communities—motivating students; empowering the industry’s rising stars; and galvanizing the start-up community. The Community of Innovators aims to leverage the influence and expertise of industry trailblazers and top executives to inspire, inform, and engage its communities through four primary components.

1) Intrapreneurship Academy
The cornerstone of the Community of Innovators, The Cable Center’s Intrapreneurship Academy is a future-focused leadership program designed to educate and empower the cable industry’s rising stars to become intrapreneurs, to envision and effect change, and to innovate within their organizations’ existing corporate structures.

Intrapreneurs will work through real-world projects as they complete each module. “Sponsors” from participating organizations will assist in project selection, provide feedback, and serve as internal touchpoints for the participants.

Over time, the Intrapreneurship Academy will build a community of new leaders who will cultivate a culture of innovation that will continue to move the cable industry forward. Graduates will play an ongoing role in evolving the Intrapreneurship Academy, advancing intrapreneurship thought leadership, and inspiring innovation within their organizations. Click here to go there.

2) Innovation Laureates
The Community of Innovators’ Innovation Laureates are industry trailblazers and top executives. They represent the cable industry’s remarkable talent and demonstrate its resounding impact. Each brings a unique perspective to mentor, teach, and motivate the next generation of cable industry leaders.

In its inaugural year, the Community of Innovators’ Innovation Laureates comprise an esteemed group of people who have transformed the cable industry with shrewd business moves, groundbreaking ideas, and bold decisions.

3) Start-Up Week Partnerships
The Community of Innovators will participate in Start-Up Weeks across the country tapping into the network of emerging innovators and creating opportunities for local entrepreneurs to connect with cable industry leaders. High-level industry executives will participate in panels and as coaches and judges during pitch competitions. During the 2017 pilot, the program has focused on Denver Start-Up Week, co-sponsoring The Pitch Challenge—a competition that provides a chance for small businesses and startups to pitch business ideas to a panel of “celebrity” judges.

4) Mavericks Lecture Series
As part of the Community of Innovators, The Cable Center is reviving its Mavericks Lecture Series, a program that gives successful, dynamic industry leaders a platform to impart their wisdom and insight to university students.

Through lively, interactive presentations, trailblazers and top executives will share stories of initiative and innovation that illustrate the cable industry’s impact, imagination, and pioneering roots.