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    Approach to Innovation

    On June 14, 19 industry rising stars from our spring Intrapreneurship Academy class, comprised of seven different organizations and a variety of disciplines, graduated and became official Intrapreneurs.

    Our academy participants gained hands-on experience with the innovation process by advancing real-world projects, with 93 percent agreeing that they made meaningful progress on their project by the end of the class. 100 percent stated they learned new skills or tools they could use, and 100 percent said they would be able to apply what they learned in IA to their current role. 94 percent said that IA created value for their company and 93 percent felt that IA was a good to excellent experience.

    One significant change to the spring program was to engage sponsors from the outset, and to provide them with program materials throughout. This yielded significant benefits. 100 percent of participants met with their sponsors at least three times during the program (compared to 64 percent in 2017) resulting in feedback like, “My sponsor was key. He was challenging me and pushing internally to get all the support I needed”.

    One of the program objectives is to positively impact the participants’ views on the industry and their organization. 73 percent of participants reported a positive to much more positive view of the cable industry as a result of this program. We will continue to survey our alums and ask for their feedback so that we can further refine the program.

    Join us in congratulating our spring graduates:

    Iraida Agosto, Field Tech Supervisor/Regional Manager,
    Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico, Liberty Latin America
    Budd Batchelder, Senior Manager, EHS, Comcast
    David Bowman, New Product Development Manager, ARRIS
    Kristin Buch, Senior Director Public Affairs, NCTA
    Grace Chung, Manager, Scheduling, AMC Network
    Stephen Demedis, Mgr 1, Employee Communications, Comcast
    Martin Hekking, Director M&A and Corporate Development, Liberty Latin America
    Aaron Kardosh, Manager, Customer Journey - Sales to Install
    Jake Kintzel, Project Manager, T-Mobile
    Jane Kinyua, Director, Finance Operations, Comcast
    Nicholas Lokan, Mgr 1, Technical Product Sales Support, Comcast
    Mark McLaws, Manager, Office of the President, Liberty Global
    Monica Lena Del Vecchio, Regional Marketing Manager, Liberty Latin America
    Romeo Ngo, Software Engineer, NCTA
    Sowon Sawyer, Director of Scheduling, SundanceTV, AMC Network
    Sarah Timoney, Manager, Scheduling, AMC Network
    Sarah O’Dwyer, Supervisor, Promo Planning & Strategy, AMC Network
    Virginia Zigras, Vice President, Government Relations, NCTA

    Our third class kicks off on August 14, 2018. We’ll be welcoming 23 new Intrapreneurs this session from 605, CableLabs, Charter, Comcast, CWC/FLOW, Mediacom, Midco, and WOW!

    We are now accepting applications for the winter 2019 IA session which runs from February, 5 - March 27, 2019. Visit our website to view all of the program details.

    Please also follow @TCC_IA on Twitter and @TheCableCenter on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for more updates about our Intrapreneurs and to keep up on all the happenings at TCC.

  •   2018 SCTE Awards

    2018 SCTE-UK Awards and
    ANGA Conference

    Earlier this summer, TCC president and CEO, Jana Henthorn, and SVP, Diane Christman, attended two important industry events: The 2018 SCTE-UK Annual Gala Dinner and Awards in London; and the 2018 ANGA Conference in Cologne, Germany. In London, Jana and Diane reconnected with international cable colleagues, partners, and the SCTE-UK Award honorees. The Cable Center and SCTE-UK are partnering to launch a bursary program that will provide scholarships to European cable industry employees for The Cable Center’s Intrapreneurship Academy (IA).

    At the ANGA Conference in Cologne, Germany, Jana and Diane met with cable and media industry leaders and organizations from all over the world. Their goal is to continue building a global presence with Cable Center programs like the Cable Center Customer-Centric Collaborative (C5), Cable Hall of Fame, and IA. 

  • Summer Intern Days at The Cable Center

    Summer Intern Events at The Cable Center 

    TCC was thrilled to welcome industry interns this summer. In partnership with CableLabs, we hosted student interns from CableLabs, Kyrio, and UpRamp; Comcast and Comcast Business; and Liberty Global. Dr. Ron Rizzuto taught his Cable 101 class, which educated the interns about the fundamentals of the cable business, and Rich Jennings, SVP Mountain West Region, Comcast, led an energetic presentation about the dynamic history of the industry. Rich Fickle, president and CEO of National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), also spoke to the interns about positive collaboration within the cable industry, cooperation, opportunity, and overcoming challenges. Nina Sharma of Project X-ITE and Joel Tyus of Evolution Digital – our "Innovation and Intrapreneurship Panel” – joined us at the end of the day to share stories, talk about their career journeys, and offer advice to the interns. Jana Henthorn also led a Generation Z focus group about the changing cable industry and how intrapreneurship will continue its evolution.

    At a separate event, more than 40 Charter Communications summer interns came together at The Cable Center for their final presentations in The Malone Theater. The interns represented several operations departments, including network technology operations, video operations, and application platform operations. They were an enthusiastic and very impressive group.

    We were delighted to have welcomed industry interns this summer for inspirational and educational meetings. We look forward to seeing these students go on to accomplish great things in their careers one day – the future of the cable industry is indeed very bright.

  • Cable Meets The Happiest Place on Earth: 2018 Independent Tradeshow at Disneyland!

    Cable Meets The Happiest Place on Earth: The 2018 Independent Show

    Some of our TCC staff just returned from a successful and information-packed Independent Show at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland! They spent two days recording Oral History podcasts for our second season of “Stories from the Headend” with some of the industry’s finest leaders and Cable TV Pioneers, including Matt Polka of the American Cable Association, and Bob and Katherine Gessner of Masillon Cable. A memorable moment included seeing Maureen Moore, chief customer experience officer of GCI and C5 (Cable Center Customer-Centric Consortium) member, discuss how wireless technology impacts the future of broadband on the big stage. A fun highlight was the four-course meal crafted by Top Chef Winner Brooke Williamson. The show floor was diverse and included exhibitors from all over the industry.


  • Remembering Les Read

    Les Read:

    A Note from SVP Diane Christman

    We are deeply saddened by the recent passing of Cable TV Pioneer Les Read. Les was a great friend to all. He enjoyed, and was deeply proud of, his long and illustrious career in cable. A member of our Honorary Board and a Cable Center Ambassador, Les was one of our great champions of The Cable Center and will be so dearly missed. Below is a personal note by Diane Christman, SVP of The Cable Center, remembering Les Read, her life-long mentor and friend:

    Les was The Cable Center’s official Ambassador and a member of our Honorary Board. In this role he mentored several TCC staff members, me included! In the 12 plus years I have been at The Center, Les helped us connect with the cable community, especially the Cable TV Pioneers. He was known and recognized as one of the great champions and cheerleaders for The Center and for the industry. After he retired from HBO, he actively volunteered for TCC, SCTE, the Pioneers, the Loyal Order, and many other industry organizations and events. With his booming Mr. HBO voice, he served as our official “Voice of God” for many of our Cable Hall of Fame celebrations, and I know the 2019 Hall of Fame won’t be the same without him. Les was a genuine guy, a real friend, a great father, and a wonderful husband – although Jana and I heard from his wife, Anne, on many occasions, her great frustration with Les’ many, many boxes of cable mementos stored throughout their house! I wish you all could have known Les the way I did. This a very hard loss for so many. We will never forget him. May he rest in peace.

    Click images for slideshow.
    Arnold Dwyer Read Pioneers
    BH12-20-1 Cable Pioneers Board 1996w
    BH12-53-3 Les Read, Gail Sermersheim, Alan Gerry 1998w
    BH13-19-2 Swift, Tow, Gault, Read, Morrison 1985w
    BH13-63-3 Jim Duratz, Les Read, Joe Gans, Bill Arnold 2001w
    BH14-80-1 Les Read - Steve Davidson - Gerry Lenfest 1984w
    GE01746 Leslie Read w
    LR00011 les read w
    LR00031 Les Read and Jack Nicklas w
    LR00033 Les Read & Irving Kahn
    LR00078 NCTCM board w
    LR00329LesRead w
    LR00333LesRead w
    LR00354LesRead w
    LR00355LesRead w
    LR00362LesRead w
    LR00367LesRead w
    LR00372LesRead w
    LR00381LesRead w
    LR00382LesRead w
    LR00515LesRead w
    LR00557LesRead w
    LR00657LesRead w
    LR00870LesRead w
    LR00978LesRead w
    LR00985LesRead w
    LR00992LesRead w
    Les Read TelePrompTer 70sw
    Les Read at podium Pioneers
    Les Read g
    SR00886 Clasen Read Watson w
    SR00916 Hancock Levin Read - HBO and New Milford Cablevision agreement w

    Intraview Sowon Sawyer

    Featured IntraView:

    Sowon Sawyer
    Director of Scheduling
    AMC Network

    “Be Bold and Think Bigger”

    Sowon graduated from our spring 2018 class and we are honored to welcome her to our alumni community. Check out her full IntraView to learn about her journey through the program, her top takeaways, and her advice for future Intrapreneurs…

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