exists within your organization.

Who are tomorrow’s best innovators? They're already working for you.

By Janice Silver, VP of Intrapreneurship Academy

When you invest in intrapreneurship and innovation, you stem attrition, enhance customer experience, build partnerships, and create longevity for your organization. Intrapreneurs are scattered throughout your organization – it’s just a matter of finding and engaging them. Independent thinkers question the status quo and rely on experience, trial and error, and research to think through problems and make decisions. Given permission and tools, they will focus their energy on innovating instead of detracting. Healthy risk-takers comfortably make decisions and move forward with incomplete, ambiguous, or even imperfect data. The most effective and successful intrapreneurs integrate minimal data with their knowledge, experience, and confidence. Good collaborators know how to work through different ideas, problems, and solutions with others. Moving a nascent idea from problem to solution and implementation requires input from a variety of experts with many iterations and changes along the way. Change-drivers transform the big picture into actionable bite-sized pieces and then engage the necessary resources to achieve their goals. Effective intrapreneurs need to be the catalyst for change. Lifelong learners rely on experiences, information, and mentorship from others. They stay current on new learnings in their field and beyond and connect the dots from all aspects of their life to solve problems in unique ways.

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