About The Cable Center

Cable tells life’s great stories...we tell the great story of Cable.


The Cable Center tells the story of the cable industry, highlighting for the global community the significant contribution made to technology, society and culture. We connect people and ideas to advance innovation.

Established as an educational nonprofit organization in 1985, The Cable Center plays an integral role in the cable industry. The Center's resources and information document cable's rich heritage. Programs at The Cable Center support and fuel the ongoing impact of the industry's historic innovations and influence.

The Cable Center is the home of the Cable Hall of Fame, recognizing individuals for their outstanding contributions to the industry, and the Barco library and Edward D. Breen Technical Archives, which house the world’s premier collection of cable-related information and resources. The Center's programs help professionals excel in their roles, provide accurate information to the press, educate academics about industry accomplishments and keep the story alive for future generations.

Through these programs as well as online exhibits, The Center tells the story of the cable industry and shares its legacy and contributions while supporting innovation for the industry’s future. But the Cable Center also connects people and ideas to drive innovation.

Our premier future-focused initiative, The Intrapreneurship Academy (IA), is one of the industry’s leading career development and educational programs. During this unique 8-week program, participants learn and apply the process of innovation and intrapreneurship while conducting a real-world project within their companies.

The Mavericks Lecture Series, which connects university students and professional, cable industry luminaries through lively, interactive presentations on campus. Our Mavericks speakers, many of whom are also Cable Center Innovation Laureates, share lessons learned and wisdom earned throughout their careers, educating student audiences about opportunities in the industry and inspiring future leaders.

Our seminal customer experience program, C5, strives to be the home of thought leadership and provides a dynamic contribution to the industry's collective efforts to improve customer satisfaction. 

The Cable Center is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, but our presence extends around the globe wherever cable professionals work and wherever customers live. The Center's industry-wide mission and scope of service serves everyone involved in cable's sphere - operators, programmers, vendors, suppliers, professionals, nonprofit industry organizations, academics, the press and the public.

We welcome you to our website and encourage you to browse through each section. Here, you will learn more about our mission, our board of directors and staff, how to support The Cable Center and even how to rent our unique facility.