Cable Center Calendar

What's going on at The Cable Center.

Every Thursday: Cable Center Tours.

Time: 10:00 A.M.
Where: The Great Hall, Front Desk

Please call ahead to reserve your space. Phone: 720.502.7500.

Start your tour in the Daniels Great Hall, which is the 3-story tall atrium as you walk into the building. The Cable Center’s home in Denver opened in 2001 and was designed to represent an earth station and cable signals spreading across the universe. There are over 68 miles of cable and fiber optics transmitting signals throughout this facility. The terrazzo floor was designed by David Griggs, and shows a map of world as viewed from a satellite. The best view of the floor is from the second floor, so be sure to look down when your tour takes you upstairs.

If you can't make it here physically check out our online virtual reality exhibit. This is a replica of our building in VR and includes 3D Models of some of our archived materials. This tour is available for download on the STEAM platform.