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Our dynamic industry is changing faster than ever before, and the nature of business and leadership is evolving just as fast. The Cable Center blog offers insights and guidance from innovators, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs to help keep us ahead of those changes. Our experts share life experiences and wisdom to inspire those who will drive what’s next in the connectivity industry.

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5 Ways to Sustain a Culture of Innovation

Liberty Global’s entrepreneurial energy has shaped its unique culture and incredible growth journey. Amy Blair demonstrates innovation in action with five investments Liberty Global is making to nurture and sustain its innovation culture.

Collaboration: The Industry’s Superpower

Diane Christman, president and CEO of The Cable Center, caught up with Chris Lammers, COO Emeritus & Senior Executive Advisor of CableLabs, to discuss collaboration, which is the cornerstone of our industry and supports our ability to advance innovation.

7 Power Skills That Will Catapult Your Career

Based on 30 years of executive experience, I realized that in addition to competency in one’s area of expertise, there are seven skills that rising leaders need to master for career success. I teach them in my new Intrapreneurship Academy course, Intrapreneurial Leadership. Briefly, here they are…

HR as Innovators of the Employee Experience

Navigating changes in workforce distribution is one of the biggest challenges organizations face today. Intrapreneurship Academy, in partnership with C2HR, gathered insights of connectivity industry HR professionals to understand the dynamics that impact employee engagement in a post-pandemic, hybrid environment.

Adapting and Shifting to Make Gains

Jana Henthorn, immediate past president of The Cable Center, interviewed editors Alan Breznick and Jeff Baumgartner about the innovative advances happening inside of companies and within our industry, intrapreneurial pacesetters, and emerging trends.

Why I Joined The Cable Center: Camilla Formica Talks with Diane Christman

The Cable Center is thrilled to welcome Camilla Formica, our new Chief Program Officer. President and CEO Diane Christman spoke to Camilla about her new role and why she chose to join our organization.