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Our dynamic industry is changing faster than ever before, and the nature of business and leadership is evolving just as fast. The Cable Center blog offers insights and guidance from innovators, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs to help keep us ahead of those changes. Our experts share life experiences and wisdom to inspire those who will drive what’s next in the connectivity industry.


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The humble and innovative beginnings of the cable industry in Colorado sparked one of the most important industries in the world. Based on information gleaned from The Cable Center's historical archives, videos, and photographs— plus new interviews with some of today's top industry leaders— we are delighted to share our collaboration with Rocky Mountain PBS on the latest episode of their Colorado Experience docuseries, "The Cable Revolution." Not only does "The Cable Revolution" illustrate the unique story of our industry, but 90% of the episode's visuals were provided by The Cable Center’s director of the Barco Library and archivist, Brian Kenny.

From Bill Daniels and Bob Magness to John Malone, to Colleen Abdoulah to Rich Jennings and Rich DiGeronimo, meet the industry’s original entrepreneurs and connect with the changemakers of today who continue the cable pioneer’s legacy of unwavering grit, taking risks, and driving innovation. Through their wisdom and stories, “The Cable Revolution” helps build the bridge between past, present, and future to inspire the industry’s next generation of leaders: the intrapreneurs.