Empowering Women for Leadership:

Panel with Jana Henthorn, Amy Blair, Su Guaglianone, Sandra Howe, and Dr. Andrea Huber

Grit. Innovation. Confidence. Resilience. These are just a few of the unique qualities these trailblazing women leaders embody.

Join Jana Henthorn, president and CEO, The Cable Center; Amy Blair, SVP and Chief People Officer, Liberty Global; Su Guaglione, Senior Marketing Director, EMEA, CommScope; Sandra Howe, Board Director, Minim; and Dr. Andrea Huber, Managing Director, ANGA, as they share their personal and professional journeys as empowered women in the broadband business. From overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities, to sharing success stories and leadership lessons, watch and learn how they made their mark in the industry — and how they continue to empower women for leadership.