Leveraging Ingenuity to Avoid Disruption

By The Cable Center & Intrapreneurship Academy

Jugaad, or frugal, innovation is a bottom-up approach to solve massive problems with few resources. The concept of leveraging ingenuity and improvisation to accomplish more with less has tremendous relevance to developed economies.

Intrapreneurship Academy’s Janice Silver interviewed Dr. Simone Ahuja, Driving Innovation course developer and facilitator, about the mindset shift required to embrace Jugaad innovation and how leaders must support the passionate and purpose-driven intrapreneurs inside their organizations to drive sustainable innovation and fend off disruption.

Dr. Simone Ahuja, Driving Innovation course developer and facilitator, founder of Blood OrangeDr. Simone Ahuja is the founder of Blood Orange, a global innovation strategy firm, and bestselling author of the intrapreneurship playbook Disrupt-It-Yourself and co-author of Jugaad Innovation. The Cable Center welcomed Dr. Ahuja to Intrapreneurship Academy in 2022 as a developer and facilitator for interactive courses that teach the process of innovation and cultivate the skills and mindset to effectively innovate from within.

This article was originally published in The Cable Center’s 2022 First Annual Intrapreneurship & Innovation Report.