Vision 2025 - Innovating from the Inside: Part 1

A video conversation about intrapreneurship with Ken Klaer, EVP & President, Comcast Technology Solutions,

Friends of The Cable Center,

Innovation is the heart of our cable and connectivity industry. Every day, we see news from across the ecosystem where technology companies are advancing their businesses through acquisition, investments, and partnerships.

One of the most important ways to grow comes directly from those who are embedded within your company – your employees. The people who are closest to your customers, compete in fast-moving markets, and know where opportunity lies. This is your greatest untapped source of innovation.

At The Cable Center, we help companies to invest in their employees via our Intrapreneurship Academy. We teach the process of internal innovation – moving an idea from inception to business plan – to help innovative employees advance a real-world project that will yield measurable impact inside their companies. Intrapreneurship Academy and The Cable Center’s Vision 2025 business plan centers on an urgent industry need: 80% of executives say their companies’ success depends on introducing new products and services. Yet, more than half agreed that their companies dedicate insufficient resources to support innovation.*

Comcast understands the innovation pipeline and recognizes that new opportunities are mined from all sources. I had the good fortune to connect with Ken Klaer, EVP & President, Comcast Technology Solutions, before he delivered the keynote to our Intrapreneurship Academy Class #7. Ken shared this gem with me during our recorded talk: “Our customers are getting deluged to do something different. If you don’t innovate, you stand still.” I encourage you to watch our conversation to get his perspective on the importance of innovating from the inside.

Want to hear more? Stay tuned for our soon-to-be-released Intrapreneurship Conversation with Jay Rolls , cable industry technologist and innovation champion.

Jana Henthorn
President & CEO

*Gino Chirio, Maddock Douglas Research, Read More