Vision 2025 - Innovating from the Inside: Part 2

Friends of The Cable Center,

We find ourselves in the most challenging of times. Many of us are working from home, balancing extraordinary demands, and navigating a new normal. Here’s what I do know – we work among the most inventive and resourceful people. With that in mind,

I felt emboldened to continue our Vision 2025 series, because innovation never stops. I hope that this new "i talk" offers you a break from the news and inspires you to rise and overcome whatever may come your way.



Earlier this month, we shared Part 1 of our Intrapreneurship Conversations featuring Ken Klaer, Executive Vice President of Comcast Technology Solutions and Strategic Infrastructure. We talked about the importance of sourcing innovation from all places – including passionate, smart employees who serve as the genesis for great ideas and new opportunities. If you missed it, catch up here!

I’m excited to share continued important perspective about the power of intrapreneurship to drive growth and innovation from inside companies. Listen in on my conversation with Jay Rolls, a seasoned cable veteran, respected technologist, startup leader, and former Charter Communications CTO, and SVP of Technology at Cox. Jay talks about the absolute need for “constant renewal” particularly in a fast-paced industry so that companies don’t become stagnant and they maintain competitiveness.

At The Cable Center, we help channel your employees’ passion for innovation. Our Intrapreneurship Academy is an important program cornerstone to our Vision 2025 business planning initiative. IA is our industry’s only dedicated program that teaches the process of internal innovation – moving an idea from inception to business plan – to help innovative employees advance real-world projects and drive measurable results. From learning Design Thinking principles to capturing the language of innovation – our IA grads have proven to make impact upon completion.

Good news – we’re now taking applications for Intrapreneurship Academy Class 8 (which now starts in June due to current circumstances). Do you have an innovative employee who wants to fast track an idea to create impact? Learn about how this benefits you and your employees through our graduate testimonials.

Wishing you good health and fortitude,

President & CEO