Here’s what’s next for The Cable Center and how we are activating our vision…

What’s Next at The Cable Center - A Letter from Jana Henthorn

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The expression, “May you live in interesting times,” has never hit closer to home. These past 12 months have certainly been very interesting for us all.

We’ve had to navigate nearly constant waves of uncertainty, adapt quickly to unprecedented constraints, and innovate in ways we could never have foreseen. The journey has been energizing.

"The Cable Center is a place for intrapreneurship, innovation, and collaboration. We build leaders who drive measurable impact."

For The Cable Center – while we haven’t been immune to its challenges and obstacles – 2020 saw significant strategic growth for us, which points us to an exciting future. In case you missed our big news, The Cable Center is taking on 2021 with vigor and a refresh that marks a pivot to a path we believe will have a profound impact on our industry. We’re looking even further ahead to 2025 when The Cable Center will mark its 40th anniversary, and we know with certainty where we want to be in these next four years.

 “From the way we talk about ourselves and our outreach in the industry, to the programs we create and the investments we make, to how we participate in our expanding ecosystem — we are picking up the pace.”

For over a year now, we’ve been developing and refining our strategy, building on our already strong foundation. We’re investing in programs that will allow us to strengthen our ties to academia and draw from the extraordinary achievements of our original entrepreneurs. This part feels like something for which we’re known. What’s new and exciting about the future is our full, progressive commitment to how we inspire the next generation of corporate entrepreneurs. These are the intrapreneurs, the people who advance innovation and drive measurable growth inside their companies.


“The expansion of, and our focus on, our Intrapreneurship Academy is a clear signal that this is a new day at The Cable Center.”

Intrapreneurship Academy, which now encompasses multiple courses, is a place to invest in your bold thinkers from any discipline or department to help them grow, thrive, and create value throughout your organization.

We have a successful track record of cultivating intrapreneurs through our Driving Innovation course (Driving Innovation’s former moniker, Intrapreneurship Academy, is now the name for our overarching educational institution). We’re debuting a new Intrapreneurship Academy course this spring, Leading with Agility, taught by subject matter expert Dr. Pamela Meyer, to prepare your people to lead through unplanned change in these uncertain times. And, on the horizon are more IA courses to build future-ready leaders.

At The Cable Center, we enable and inspire a new generation of industry innovators to drive the connectivity era. While 2021 still promises to be interesting, we are optimistic and energized to lead what’s next.


Jana Henthorn signature

President & CEO

The Cable Center