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Our dynamic industry is changing faster than ever before, and the nature of business and leadership is evolving just as fast. The Cable Center blog offers insights and guidance from innovators, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs to help keep us ahead of those changes. Our experts share life experiences and wisdom to inspire those who will drive what’s next in the connectivity industry.

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Riding the Wave of Change: Why Developing a Culture of Innovation and Agility is Essential to our Success

The pandemic has changed everything – the way we socialize, celebrate, communicate, and how we work.

In the content and connectivity industry, the challenge was two-fold – to quickly equip a remote workforce, and in addition, ensure that people worldwide stayed connected. Proudly, the industry rose to the challenge, exhibiting agility and innovation in a time of crisis. But now that seas are starting to calm, what will organizations continue to do to ride the wave of change?

Three Ways to Turn the Great Resignation into the Great Retention

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, four million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021, and this trend continues. Management professor Anthony Klotz coined it "The Great Resignation” explaining, "How we spent our time before the pandemic may not be how we want to spend our time after.”

The Great Resignation is hitting companies in the media/telecom/technology industry especially hard, according to Ian Cook, HR strategist. In tech, resignations increased by 4.5%. Even more concerning, resignation rates are highest among mid-career employees between the ages of 30 and 45.

Intrapreneurship Academy: The Place to Activate Your Intrapreneurs

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

To quote Richard Branson, “Innovation happens when people are given the freedom to ask questions and the resources and power to find the answers.”

For the connectivity and content industry to continue to grow and thrive we must empower our bold thinkers. People are looking for a place and a forum to ask questions and get resources so that they can return to their organizations and act as intrapreneurs. Intrapreneurship Academy at The Cable Center is that place.

Woman's Empowerment Panel 2021 at ANGACOM Moderated by Jana Henthorn

Grit. Innovation. Confidence. Resilience. These are just a few of the unique qualities these trailblazing women leaders embody. Join Jana Henthorn, president and CEO, The Cable Center; Amy Blair, SVP and Chief People Officer, Liberty Global; Su Guaglione, Senior Marketing Director, EMEA, CommScope; Sandra Howe, Board Director, Minim; and Dr. Andrea Huber, Managing Director, ANGA, as they share their personal and professional journeys as empowered women in the broadband business. From overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities, to sharing success stories and leadership lessons, watch and learn how they made their mark in the industry — and how they continue to empower women for leadership.

Fireside Chat with Jana Henthorn, Robyn Bolton, and Dr. Pamela Meyer

You can thrive during unplanned change and unexpected opportunity. And, you can learn the skills and mindset to effectively innovate from within. Join Jana Henthorn, president and CEO, The Cable Center; Robyn Bolton, founder, Mile Zero, Intrapreneurship Academy course designer and leader (Driving Innovation); and Dr. Pamela Meyer, agility expert and author, Intrapreneurship Academy course designer and leader (Leading With Agility) as they discuss how today’s leaders can accomplish both while driving measurable success and impact.

Driving Innovation: Investing in People and Process

Problem-solving is a valuable skill. But is it as valuable as problem-questioning in today’s work landscape? Robyn Bolton, innovation expert and designer and leader of Intrapreneurship Academy’s Driving Innovation course, unpacks the traditional workplace paradigm of “falling in love with a solution” instead of with a problem — and why a shift in mindset and approach are key to successful innovation.