The Cable Center is honored to present the Bresnan Ethics in Business Award - Bill Daniels, Cable Pioneer/Daniels Fund, 2021 Honoree. Pat Esser, Cox Communications, 2022 Honoree

William J. Bresnan Ethics in Business Award

The Bresnan Award, given for the first time in 2011, is conferred annually on one person from within the cable industry who throughout their career has demonstrated deep and genuine commitment to ethics in business as exemplified by Bill Bresnan. The honoree thoroughly represents the ideals upheld by Bill Bresnan, including continuous demonstration of ethical leadership qualities; doing what's right in the face of adversity and in everyday life, even when it is unpopular; maintaining high standards and ethics in the workplace, including mentorship and inspiration of employees and associates; and a commitment to society, community and philanthropy.

Bill Bresnan demonstrated the highest ethical standards in both his professional and personal life. He was known and respected for this within his family, the industry and the communities he served. Put simply, Bill had an innate understanding of what was right, and doing right is how he lived his life. And while he was not one to call attention to himself, recognizing others for their integrity pays deep respect to his legacy.

A permanent exhibit at The Cable Center recognizes the award recipients and honors Bill Bresnan. Learn about past honorees in the sidebar.