One of America’s fastest-growing and most innovative industries was created by entrepreneurs with a unique vision for the future. As the destination for applied intrapreneurship and innovation leadership, we empower and develop current and future industry leaders of all disciplines by providing thought leadership and educational programs to innovate, advance, and excel.

  • A Conversation with Amy Blair about Employees and Innovation

    Intrapreneurs in Action

    Diane Christman, SVP and Chief Programs Officer at The Cable Center, was thrilled to sit down with Amy Blair to discuss Liberty Global’s innovation efforts. As SVP and Chief People Officer, Amy is passionate about intrapreneurship and has a rich legacy of support and engagement with The Cable Center.

  • Intrapreneurs in Action - Kristin Buch

    Intrapreneurs in Action

    Kristin Buch, Senior Director, Public Affairs, NCTA and Graduate of Intrapreneurship Academy, Class 2

    In 2018, NCTA– The Internet & Television Association – began implementing new strategies that included a strong component focused on building corporate membership.

  • Intrapreneurs in Action - Kristin Turner

    Intrapreneurs in Action

    Kristin Turner, People Director, Liberty Globaland Graduate of Intrapreneurship Academy, Class 4

    If we’ve learned one thing from airline travel, it’s that in the event of a change in air pressure, you need to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.

  • Intrapreneurs in Action - Nicolás Ramos Maseras

    Intrapreneurs in Action

    Spotlight on Nicolás Ramos Maseras, Head of Finance, Discovery Networks, Argentina
    Graduate of Intrapreneurship Academy, Class 6

    How can a structured program empower a corporate innovator to catalyze the ideas of fellow disrupters without stifling creativity? Nico Ramos Maseras of Discovery Networks addressed this very question when he joined Class 6 of The Cable Center’s Intrapreneurship Academy(IA).

  • Vision 2025 - Innovating from the Inside: Part 1

    How To Continue Innovating Post-Pandemic

    A video conversation about intrapreneurship with Ken Klaer, EVP & President, Comcast Technology Solutions

    Innovation is the heart of our cable and connectivity industry. Every day, we see news from across the ecosystem where technology companies are advancing their businesses through acquisition, investments, and partnerships.

  • Vision 2025 - Innovating from the Inside: Part 2

    How To Continue Innovating Post-Pandemic

    We find ourselves in the most challenging of times. Many of us are working from home, balancing extraordinary demands, and navigating a new normal. Here’s what I do know – we work among the most inventive and resourceful people. With that in mind,