Wired to Win, a book describing the cable industry’s Entrepreneurs Club, is presented in conjunction with Gustave Hauser, the Entrepreneurs Club and The Cable Center. First published in 2003 and written by Kathi Brown, Wired to Win honors the members of the Entrepreneurs Club, a group of innovators who played a major role in shaping the cable industry into the dynamic force it is today.

    Still active today, the cable telecommunications industry’s Entrepreneurs Club began in the fall of 1988 as a way for mid-sized cable operators to get together to talk about regulatory and operating issues and mutual interests. The membership has grown and changed over the years and members have sold their businesses or retired, but the group continues to gather to discuss issues facing the industry such as operational issues, new technology and the financial climate and most importantly to enjoy each other’s friendship.

  1. Table of Contents
    1. Foreword by Decker Anstrom
    2. The Entrepreneurs Club: A Brief History
    3. Introduction
  2. Barry L. Babcock, Charter Communication Chapter 1
  3. William J. Bresnan, Bresnan Communications Chapter 2
  4. James DeSorrento, Triax Telecommunications Co., LLC Chapter 3
  5. Charles F. Dolan, Cablevision Systems Corporation Chapter 4
  6. Frank M. Drendel, CommScope, Inc. Chapter 5
  7. Lawrence Flinn, Jr., United Video Cablevision, Inc. Chapter 6
  8. Alan Gerry, Cablevision Industries Corporation Chapter 7
  9. Gustave M. Hauser, Hauser Communications, Inc. Chapter 8
  10. Leo J. Hindery, Jr., InterMedia Partners Chapter 9
  11. Glenn R. Jones, Jones International, Inc. Chapter 10
  12. H.W. "Gerry" Lenfest, Lenfest Communications, Inc. Chapter 11
  13. Jeffrey A. Marcus, Marcus Cable Chapter 12
  14. Stephen E. Myers, US Cable Group Chapter 13
  15. Marc B. Nathanson, Falcon Communications Chapter 14
  16. Fred R. Nichols, TCA Cable TV Inc. Chapter 15
  17. I. Martin "Marty" Pompadur, RP Companies Chapter 16
  18. Ralph J. Roberts, Comcast Corporation Chapter 17
  19. Robert M. Rosencrans, Columbia International, Inc. Chapter 18
  20. Steven J. Simmons, Simmons Communications, Inc. Chapter 19
  21. Leonard Tow, Citizens Communications Chapter 20
  22. Michael S. Willner, Insight Communications Company, Inc. Chapter 21

     Common Threads . . . Uncommon Success, Kathi Ann Brown
     Afterword, Gerald M. Levin
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