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Jerrold Model 704 Strength Meter

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The story of the Jerrold 704 Field Strength Meter spans practically the entire life of the cable television industry. Conceived in 1951, shortly after the industry started in 1948-1950 in Oregon, Arkansas and Pennsylvania, the 704 became the work­horse of the industry and remained so until the 1970s. Manufacturing of the 704 started in 1953, Providing a critical need for accurate measurement of signal strength, and continued until 1967 or so, when it was phased out in favor of the Jerrold 727 meter. During the manufacturing run of the 704/ A/B meters, more than 8,000 were produced.

Today, the 704 is regarded as an icon, representing the engineers and technicians upon whose technical accomplishments today's broadband business was built. The 704 model name survives in the name of the Loyal Order of the 704, an industry group of engineers with long memories ... and tall stories.