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The Cable Center Collects Colleen Abdoulah's Oral History

Colleen AbdoulahDENVER, April 20, 2015 – As part of its Cable History Project, The Cable Center announced today the entry of Colleen Abdoulah's, Chairwoman of the Board, WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone, oral and video history into The Hauser Oral History Collection. Abdoulah was interviewed by Jana Henthorn, SVP, The Cable Center.

Colleen Abdoulah, is the only female CEO to lead a top-ten cable operating company, and is widely respected for her passionate focus on customer experience and company culture. Abdoulah joined WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone in 2002, and has overseen its industry-leading financial success. In April of 2014, Abdoulah implemented a four-year succession plan and moved to the Chair of the Board.

Prior to joining WOW!, Abdoulah spent much of her career at Tele-Communications, Inc. (TCI) where she served in a number of positions including assistant to the COO and executive vice president of cable operations.

The Hauser Oral History Collection is the only repository of first-hand accounts direct from industry leaders about the creation, expansion and current state of the cable industry.

Larry Satkowiak, president and CEO of The Cable Center said, "The beauty of oral histories is the blend of personal experiences and observations that might not make it into a third-party account. Tidbits of information that might not seem salient or important to one person can be immensely significant to another."

Abdoulah's history begins with her experiences growing up working in her father's restaurant in a small town in Western Canada and chronicles her career from the early days, through TCI and WOW! During the hour-long history, Abdoulah discusses leadership, saying, "For me, leadership is simply serving others in a way that brings out their best and the best in you."

Talking about inspiring others, Abdoulah says, "I don't focus on that. I think I just love people ... It's really how and who I've touched, how I've engaged with people and how they've touched me; and what we've gained from being in each other's presence. That's what I think really matters. If that's inspiring, great."

In early April, The Cable Center launched Abdoulah's oral history into the archives with an intimate luncheon joined by some of her closest friends and business associates. During the celebration, Henthorn said, "A lot of C-level executives around the world would benefit from watching Colleen's oral history. And it's right here on The Cable Center website."

The Cable Center has been gathering, cataloging and digitizing oral histories from cable industry executives since its inception in 1985. To date, The Center has collected over 330 video and audio histories, with more being added every year, all available on The Cable Center website and on YouTube. The histories also include a written transcript to assist with research purposes.

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