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The Cable Center Publishes Book on Cable Industry

Book to be distributed to all INTX attendees

DENVER, May 1, 2015 – The Cable Center is proud to announce the publication of The Cable Industry: A Short History Through Three Generations, a book written by The Cable Center's president and CEO, Larry Satkowiak. The Cable Center is in a unique position to present this information, as it holds the finest collection of material related to cable's growth and development. Although The Center makes significant information available to the public through The Cable Center website, we have received numerous requests for a short history. This book fills that need.

Dividing the history into three generations is a distinct feature of The Cable Industry and one that highlights the industry's culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. The book shows how the cable industry faced challenges and overcame the difficult obstacles placed in its path. The industry has had its setbacks, but has persevered to become a shining example of the free enterprise system.

The book has been endorsed by many influential industry leaders. Mark Robichaux, Editorial Director, NewBay TV Group and Author of Cable Cowboy says, "The Cable Industry is a story about dreamers; a tale of broadband pioneers hell bent on reinventing themselves to deliver the most comprehensive news and entertainment choices the world has ever seen. Satkowiak draws on the vast resources of The Cable Center to tell a fascinating story."

Mike Wirth, Dean of The University of Tennessee College of Communication and Information says, "It is a must read for anyone interested in how the cable industry developed from its humble Community Antenna Television roots to become the leading U.S. deliverer of broadband digital content."

Today, the modern cable industry faces new competition and innumerable challenges. It is important to understand cable's history in order to follow the headlines that we read every day. "This book will provide a basic understanding of the cable industry and will prove helpful to anyone wanting a foundational work," said Satkowiak.

"It is rare that someone writes a concise and readable history of an industry that has, in three generations as Larry puts it, changed the world more than once. I can't think of a better way to prep oneself for the fourth generation than to read this short and enlightening book," said Paul S. Maxwell, Media Max Advisors.

The underwriting of the book was generously provided by Carlsen Resources Inc. and paperback copies will be available free of cost to all attendees at NCTA's INTX on May 5-7 in Chicago, as well as to attendees of the Cable Pioneers dinner on May 4.

About The Cable Center
Based in Denver, Colorado, The Cable Center is a nonprofit organization serving the cable telecommunications industry. The Cable Center is the home of the Cable Hall of Fame, recognizing individuals for their outstanding contributions to the industry, and of the Barco Library, the world's largest collection of cable-related information and resources. Visit us at, for more information.

At The Cable Show 2014, The Cable Center announced a new partnership with Mosaik Solutions, a leader in telecom business intelligence and visualization services. Mosaik's comprehensive network database was leveraged as part of The Cable Center's educational initiatives to document the industry's rich history. Through the partnership, the two organizations have worked together to visually depict the major events that have molded the cable industry. The final product will be unveiled at INTX 2015 on Tuesday, May 5. For more information regarding Mosaik's planned announcement, visit