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The Cable Center Collects Alex Swan's Oral History

Swan To Be Inducted As 2015 Cable TV Pioneer

Swan Alex pressDENVER, May 4, 2015 – As part of its Cable History Project, The Cable Center announced today the entry of Alex Swan, Senior Director of Global Events and Relations, ARRIS, oral and video history into The Hauser Oral History Collection. Swan was interviewed by Stewart Schley at The Cable Center.


The Hauser Oral History Collection is the only repository of first-hand accounts direct from industry leaders about the creation, expansion and current state of the cable industry.

Alex Swan joined ARRIS in 2002 after numerous positions at some of the most respected companies in the industry. In his history, Swan discusses the impact of the industry saying, “I think what really powered cable throughout these decades were the mavericks, the people who wouldn’t take no for an answer, who found a better way of doing it, especially from the technology side, who invented technologies that got around some of the transmission problems, that got around distribution problems. To be that kind of a person you had to be able to break some eggs.”

Prior to joining ARRIS, Swan held positions at CNN as a video journalist, the vice president of communications at Turner Broadcasting System and the editorial director and associate publisher of PBI (now Access Intelligence). He also served as president of the Cable Television Public Affairs Association (now Association of Cable Communicators) from 1993-1994.

Larry Satkowiak, president and CEO of The Cable Center said, “The beauty of oral histories is the blend of personal experiences and observations that might not make it into a third-party account. Tidbits of information that might not seem salient or important to one person can be immensely significant to another.”

Swan started his career in cable in New Brunswick doing local origination video before joining CNN and Turner Broadcasting in 1980 as one of the “early employees”. Discussing those early days at CNN, Swan says, “No one ever told us ‘no’. If someone said, ‘Here’s your marching orders,’ we were empowered to make it happen. That was a lot of fun and a lot of people made or started their careers at CNN and its various offshoots.”

Swan will be inducted into the 49th class of Cable TV Pioneers tonight, May 4.

The Cable Center has been gathering, cataloging and digitizing oral histories from cable industry executives since its inception in 1985. To date, The Center has collected over 330 video and audio histories, with more being added every year, all available on The Cable Center website and on YouTube. The histories also include a written transcript to assist with research purposes.

The Center also recently added the oral history of Robert (Bob) Schmidt, co-founder of C-SPAN, former NCTA president and current chairman and CEO of Great American Broadband. Stewart Schley interviewed Schmidt at the 2014 Cable Show.

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