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The Cable Center Adds Five Oral Histories to Collection:

Terry Cordova, Craig Cuttner, John Evans, Steve Friedman and John Goddard Share Their Stories

DENVER, August 2, 2015 – As part of its Cable History Project, The Cable Center announced today the addition of five oral and video histories into The Hauser Oral History Collection. The five histories compiled are from Terry Cordova, Craig Cuttner, John Evans, Steve Friedman and John Goddard.

The Hauser Oral History Collection is the only repository of first-hand accounts direct from industry leaders about the creation, expansion and current state of the cable industry.

Suddenlink Communications chief technology officer and senior vice president, Terry Cordova, began his cable career at a summer job for Communications Services, Inc., in Kansas. He then moved on to Galaxy Cablevision after graduating from Kansas State. His next step was vice president of Charter Communications, which finally led to Suddenlink. He loves the cable business and thinks of it as his passion. Cordova believes cable is an industry with the “ability to adapt” and “constantly evolve.”

Craig Cuttner, senior vice president of Technology Development and Standards at HBO, equates his success to his entrepreneurial spirit. “I look back over a long career and realize that virtually every six months I’ve done something different. Whether it was a different project, or a different facet of business development or trying something out or experimenting – it’s been crazy.” Cuttner is proud of his technological work behind the scenes at HBO, and how it has evolved into mainstream cable. “At the end of the day, you want one result that’s for the betterment of cable-kind, mankind, whatever you want to call it.”

Brian Lamb interviewed cable television pioneer, John Evans, chief executive officer and chairman of Evans Telecommunications Company. Evans discusses his career in the industry, from being president of Hauser Communications, to co-founding C-SPAN. Another passion is his philanthropy, the Evans Foundation, which is “involved in higher education and social justice, global health and specifically AIDS vaccine research.” Through his career and foundation, he hopes to be part of “envisioning and helping to evolve mankind.” Talking about the cable industry overall, Evans says, “It boils down to people, it boils down to trust and it boils down to your handshake.”

Steve Friedman, executive vice president of Fiber Design and Construction at Wave Broadband, sees success as being “all about the customer. It’s supporting the customer so that you can grow the business and create value.” In 1980, as an entrepreneur, he started his own company called Somerset Communications, co-built a SMATV company and eventually began working for Wave. He strives to “come to work every day and create value,” in order to continually see growth in the business.

Second generation cable operator and former president and CEO of Viacom Cable, John Goddard grew up in Aberdeen, Washington. His first recollection of the cable industry is Ed Parsons on the roof of his childhood home looking for television signals from far away Seattle. Goddard went on to work for Televue, the California Cable Television Association and finally Viacom. Goddard told interviewer Paul Maxwell that he wants to be remembered for his “commitment to customer service,” which he was always willing to improve upon by “spending a little more money and sacrificing current cash flow.”

Larry Satkowiak, president and CEO of The Cable Center said, “The beauty of oral histories is the blend of personal experiences and observations that might not make it into a third-party account. Tidbits of information that might not seem salient or important to one person can be immensely significant to another.”

The Cable Center has been gathering, cataloging and digitizing oral histories from cable industry executives since its inception in 1985. To date, The Center has collected over 330 video and audio histories, with more being added every year, all available on The Cable Center website and on YouTube. The histories also include a written transcript to assist with research purposes.

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