Highlights from C5 Fall 2019

2018 Spring HighlightsTC5 Fall 2019 was hosted by The Cable Center in Denver, CO, November 13-14, 2019, and featured our inaugural C5 Mini Exhibit. Click here for a print version of the C5 Fall 2019 Conference Summary.

The full agenda and other meeting information is available in the C5 Fall 2019 Program Booklet.

The event was proudly supported by our Gold Partner, ASAPP (represented by Joshua Lachter, Bill Palmer, and Kevin Lee), Silver Partners CallMiner (represented by Brian LaRoche) and TechSee (represented by Tom Tseki and Avi Rosenfeld) and Exhibitor Partners, Adrenaline Technologies (represented by Mark Heffley, Wayne Coyle, and Maciej Gaik), Blitzz (represented by Rama Sreenivasan, Marc Della Torre, and Bret Wilhoite), Blue Prism (represented by Jim Light and Aravind Parthasatathy), and DeviceBits (represented by JC Ramey, Mark Shipley, and Lori Brown).

c5 2019 partners

We’re grateful for the efforts and support of all the crew at The Cable Center (particularly Mary Yacovetta, Cindy Shoemaker, and Ron Hurley) for their behind-the-scenes work that made the event a success. We also acknowledge the input and support from our C5 Executive Chairs (Graham Tutton, Andrés Piderit, Jon Coscia, Suzanne Foy, Kimberly Gibson, and Simón Tadeo) and The Cable Center Leadership team (Jana Henthorn and Diane Christman), with apologies from Diane.

A total of fifty one delegates attended the conference, comprising twenty-seven C5ers, including twelve MSOs (Blue Ridge, Charter/Spectrum, Comcast, Cox, GCI, Liberty Global, MCTV, Mediacom, Sparklight (formerly Cable ONE), Rogers, Telecom Argentina, Vyve) and three industry associations (CableLabs, CTAM, NCTA), seventeen vendor-partner representatives (ASAPP (Gold), CallMiner (Silver), TechSee (Silver), and four exhibitors—Adrenaline Technologies, Blitzz, Blue Prism, DeviceBits), along with seven external guests (IBM, Forrester Research, Liberty Latin America, Asurion).

C5 Fall 2019 Conference highlights included:

  • Fireside Chat with Betzalel Kenigsztein, SVP, Chief Operating Officer, Liberty Latin America, moderated by Jon Coscia, Group VP, Customer Operations, Mediacom. Jon guided the informal conversation with Betzalel, providing insights on the opportunities and challenges faced when operating in multiple, diverse markets.
  • Learning from the Outside with keynote presentations by guest speakers from Forrester and IBM. Tim Donnally, Senior Account Director & Team Lead, of Forrester Research, provided an account of the State of CX and Future Implications. Forrester is the second largest aggregator of data in the world. Research includes how people are using technology, how its changing behavior and what companies need to do, strategically. Sabine Roehl, Distinguished iX Designer, of IBM Global Services, provided insights on how IBM thinks about CX, taking a human-centered and value-driven approach to engineering how an enterprise works and is experienced in the world.
  • “Egg-Timer” presentations from twelve MSOs featuring key digital KPIs that are measured within their respective operations
  • “Spotlight On...CTAM” by Mark Snow, SVP & GM, Consumer Marketing & Insights. Mark began his presentation by introducing the new CTAM logo, the rationale behind the change, and what the new logo symbolized. Next, he provided a summary of the industry positioning efforts undertaken by CTAM on cord-cutting mitigation and gigabit amplification.

  • Association Members Update by Wyatt Barnett (NCTA) and Mickie Calkins (CableLabs), on their efforts to elevate new developments in cable. Wyatt reported that Washington is in essentially in a “legislative gridlock.” Basically, nothing is getting done from a legislative standpoint; however, NCTA’s “Beyond” campaign continues with three new focus areas – unlicensed spectrum, privacy and rural customers. Learn more at https://www.explorebeyond.org/. Mickie provided an update on the on the 10G platform, offering faster, more reliable speed with better security and lower latency (learn more at: 10gplatform.com), along with details about the CableLabs’ “4Front” event taking place in Denver, June 23-24, 2020.

  • CX Solutions Showcase from C5’s Gold and Silver Partners with case example presentations on the use of technology to improve CX from Joshua Lachter of ASAPP (Gold), Brian LaRoche of CallMiner (Silver), and Tom Tseki of TechSee (Silver)

  • C5-Asurion Consumer Research Proposal. Senior Fellow Chuck Patti introduced Rodney Schlosser and Julie Roberts from Asurion, along with opening remarks on the development of a possible research collaboration with Asurion for the benefit of C5 members. Prior to the Asurion presentation, the Executive Chairs and TCC Leadership were brought into the discussion of this potential relationship.

  • Benchmark metrics update. A summary of the final analysis of the 2018 call center benchmark data and discussions on moving forward with benchmark metrics for both call center and digital channels, led by Ron Rizzuto and Simón Tadeo

  • Conference highlights report by Chuck Patti and Jana Henthorn on the insights, intelligence, and exposure acquired through participation at CX- and cable-related conferences in the U.S. and Europe

  • The inaugural C5 Mini Exhibit, including brief presentations from all vendor partners during the Mini Exhibit Expo, featuring:

    • Joshua Lachter of ASAPP on AI native products built for transformational outcomes
    • Brian LaRoche of CallMiner on voice analytics and intelligence for customer interactions
    • Avi Rosenfeld of TechSee (referred by Andrés Piderit) on the use of visual engagement to simplify technology through the eyes of the customer
    • Wayne Coyle of Adrenaline Technologies (referred by Jon Coscia) on the use of SaaS & on-premise applications to enhance CX, such as the award-winning “Molli” bot at Mediacom
    • Rama Sreenivasan of Blitzz, on remote visual assistance that empowers customer care and field service teams
    • Jim Light of Blue Prism (referred by Andrés Piderit) on robotic process automation to provide an intuitive digital workforce and empower customers
    • JC Ramey of DeviceBits, on its cloud-based platform that learns from interactions between customers and agents to improve customer retention, reduce call center volume, and empower customers self-service.
  • C5 Dinner Meeting held at the Chinook Tavern in Greenwood Village. Joining us was guest speaker, Debbie Brown, principal/consultant from Amplify Strategies, who provided some insights on the impact of oil and gas on the local economy, as well as touched on efforts to elevate the rights of women in this industry. We were also pleased to have David van Valkenburg, industry luminary and TCC Board Member, join us.

2019 c5 fall members