Highlights from C5 Spring 2017

C5 2017 Spring

The C5 Spring 2017 Meeting took place on May 3-4, 2017, at Comcast Headquarters, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At this meeting, we invited five new MSOs—three from the U.S., one from China and one from Brazil—as guests to the meeting. Members were given the opportunity to see the development work being undertaken in Comcast Labs, and the massive transformation with customer service improvements being undertaken at Comcast was showcased. Comcast also hosted a cocktail hour with breathtaking views of Philadelphia from 45th Floor of Comcast Tower.

This two-day meeting included the following highlights:

  • MSO Spotlight: Presentation by Graham Tutton, VP, Customer Insights, on Comcast’s latest and most effective customer experience initiatives
  • CE Learning: The Egg-Timer Method, moderated by Jon Coscia, VP, Customer Operations, Mediacom, and Maureen Moore, Chief Customer Experience Officer
  • Guest speakers: “Is Customer Experience the Gateway to Loyalty?: Rules for Relationships,” by Ed O’Brien, VP, Business Development, and Toby Bottorf, VP, Service and Experience Design
  • Panel: Learning from Outside the U.S. Chaired by Simón Tadeo, VP, Sales & Customer Care, Cablevisión Argentina, with international MSO panelists Andrés Piderit, VP, Customer Care, Rogers Communications Canada, and Ann Montgomery, Director, Customer Care, Liberty Global Europe
  • Comcast Tour: Members were given an “inside look” on classified innovations in network, product and other advancements under development at Comcast Labs.
  • Concurrent Sessions: Call Center Metrics Study, IV, presented by Senior Fellows, Drs Ron Rizzuto and Maria van Dessel. Introduction to C5 and exploring CX needs for new MSOs, presented by Dr Charles Patti, Cox Chair and Senior Fellow, The Cable Center
  • Legislative updates by Rob Stoddard, SVP, Communications & Public Affairs, NCTA
  • Research updates: A report by the Senior Fellows, Drs Charles Patti, Ron Rizzuto, and Maria van Dessel on their work to continue advancing knowledge and best practice in the cable industry.