C5 Spring 2022 Conference

The Cable Center, Denver, ColoradoAfter a long hiatus, the Senior Fellows and newly-minted President and CEO, Diane Christman, welcomed C5ers to The Cable Center (TCC) for our first, in-person event since Fall 2019. The C5 Spring 2022 Conference took place in Denver, CO, on May 3 & 4, 2022.

The event was proudly supported by our new Silver Partner, Statflo (represented by Scott McArthur, and Doug McCrabb), along with guest speakers from J.D. Power (represented by Ian Greenblatt and David Zierman) and the Colorado Rockies (represented by Kevin Kahn and Walker Monfort).

  • Statflo
  • JD Power
  • Colorado Rockies

We acknowledge the support from our C5 Executive Chairs (Eric Burton, Jon Coscia, Suzanne Foy, Kimberly Gibson, and Simón Tadeo) and The Cable Center Leadership (Diane Christman), who provide invaluable help in shaping the Conference Agenda. Not to mention the terrific behind-the-scenes work by The Cable Center crew—Mary Yacovetta, Cindy Shoemaker, and Veronica Java-Nishida—plus a big shout-out to Brian Kenny who gave a tour of the Center and historyof the cable industry on almost no notice! There were several first-timers to TCC, so it was good to see their interest in the beautiful building and the many contributions to the industry.

A total of thirty delegates attended the conference. Twenty-five C5ers were present, representing ten MSOs (Blue Ridge, Claro Brasil, Comcast, Cox, GCI, Liberty Global, MCTV, Midco, Telecom Argentina, and Vyve) and all three industry associations (CableLabs, CTAM, NCTA), with apologies from C5ers at Mediacom and Sparklight. We welcomed Chris Lammers, who moderated the Fireside Chat, along with two representatives from J.D. Power and Statflo respectively.

This welcome-back conference carried on with our ongoing approach of Inside-Outside Learning, sharing best practice, knowledge, and insights from inside and outside the industry. With a theme of “Factors Impacting the Telecommunications Competitive Landscape,” the event featured the following sessions:

  • fireside chatFIRESIDE CHAT with Phil McKinney, President & CEO of CableLabs, and moderated by Chris Lammers, Emeritus COO & Senior Executive Advisor, CableLabs. In this Fireside Chat, Chris guided the discussion with Phil on “The Impact of Technology on Today’s Competitive Landscape in the Broadband Industry,” providing thought leadership on the complex competitive landscape and the technologies that are impacting and shaping the cable/telecommunications industry. Taking into consideration trends and changes in consumer needs—such as high-speed internet/ broadband, cloud-based infrastructure, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, 5G, cyber security—Phil described future scenarios for life, work, learning, and play.

  • keynote addressKEYNOTE ADDRESS. We were extremely privileged to welcome two guests from J.D. Power to share their knowledge, expertise, and data-driven insights about competitors in the Network Reliability space, and the role of effective and proactive outage communications. The keynote presentation, “ISP Subs Most Satisfied When It Just Works” galvanized “Learning from the Outside” as Ian Greenblatt and David Zierman shared their insights from the latest J.D. Power “U.S. Internet Service Provider” study.

  • cx solutions through technologyCX SOLUTIONS THROUGH TECHNOLOGY. Scott McArthur and Doug McCrabb, both of Statflo, C5’s new Silver Partner, explained how one-to-one messaging can provide seamless and personalized interactions with customers and improve their experience. As the only fully compliant enterprise-grade customer engagement platform designed exclusively for front-line teams, Statflo helps companies harness communications with customers through personalized messaging on their preferred medium. By way of use case examples, C5ers learned how targeted, one-to-one messaging can increase NPS, improve First Contact Resolution, boost response and conversion rates—while creating a positive customer experience.

  • SPOTLIGHT ON...CTAMMark Snow shared key findings from a recent CTAM research project. The research about how consumers perceive our broadband service vs. how they see fiber, provided valuable insights on the latest consumer trends and public opinion, as well as information on competition vis-a-vis both fiber and fixed wireless broadband.

  • egg-timer knowledge-exchangeEGG-TIMER KNOWLEDGE-EXCHANGE. John Del Viscio (Blue Ridge) and Simón Tadeo (Telecom Argentina) chaired the two sessions taking place of the entire morning on Day 1. During this session, C5 MSOs shared their stories on the latest CX-related challenges and/or initiatives. Presentations were provided by John Del Viscio (Blue Ridge), Eric Burton (Comcast), Suzanne Foy (Cox), Rodrigo Duclos (Claro Brasil), Maureen Moore (GCI), Bob Bartelt (Midco), Katherine Gessner (MCTV), and Jill Arbet (Vyve).

  • ASSOCIATION UPDATE. Wyatt Barnett (NCTA) provided an update on the latest implications coming out of Capitol Hill, focusing on what infrastructure spending means for MSOs, along with a virtual tour of NCTS’s newly-renovated, public advocacy space. Mickie Calkins (CableLabs) presented the five hot-topics at CableLabs: (1) Envision Mobility & Wireless Event, (2) 10G Showcase – D4.0 Readiness, (3) 5G Challenge – CableLabs as National 5G test Lab, (4) 10G Challenge – Applications being accepted, and (5) CX Digital Transformation.

  • METRICS MATTERS. Shaping CX Using Customer Data. Moderated by Suzanne Foy (Cox), this session explored how in-home connectivity data can shape the customer experience. Looking at use cases (next best actions) coming out of KPI insights, Chris Simmonds (Liberty Global), Simón Tadeo (Telecom Argentina), Eric Burton (Comcast), discussed utilization of these data points to influence Product NPS (pNPS), calls, and truck rolls.

  • INNOVATION SHOWCASE. Leveraging Customer Experience. In 2021, The Cable Center introduced a new course to its line-up at the Intraprenuership Academy—Leverage Customer Experience (LCX). The capstone project and integrating feature for the course is a CX Maturity Audit—a proprietary method to assess where organizations are in the CX maturity and what action steps they need to take to move up the Curve. Two LCX alums, Nicole Wininger (Blue Ridge), and Andrew Michaletz (Midco) shared their experiences in the course and how they have used, or plan to use, the Audit outcomes within their respective organizations. Katherine Gessner (MCTV) also shared her intentions to elevate CX priorities at MCTV, starting with an LCX audit.

  • C5 Research Committee updateC5 RESEARCH COMMITTEE UPDATE. A report was provided on the duties and goals of the newly-formed C5 Research Committee, along with the plan to conduct one research project in 2022. Three research topics were proposed by MSO Committee Members: Bob Bartelt (on behalf of Cory Limberg, Midco), Simón Tadeo (Telecom Argentina), Nicole Wininger (Blue Ridge) and C5ers were invited to rank their preferences and ability to provide data for the following topics: (1) "Support Channel Effectiveness, (2) "Drivers of (Broadband) Product Experience Satisfaction,” (3) "Satisfaction Drivers of Employee Engagement/ Experience." Next steps concluded the session. C5ers provide feedback on preferences for the research topic, the SFs work with the Research Committee to shape the research goals and questions, then conduct the research and report findings at C5 Fall 2022 Conference.

  • C5 STRATEGY DISCUSSION. The C5 Leadership Team met on May 2, 2022, to discuss the effective use of resources to meet the Consortium’s goals and objectives, along with initiatives to enhance the value proposition for members. C5ers were brought up to date on the strategy discussions and implications for C5, including plans for C5 Fall 2022 (November 9 & 10, 2002) hosted by Kimberly Gibson and her team at Sparklight/CableOne in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • update from The Cable CenterUPDATE FROM THE CABLE CENTER. As the newly-appointed President and CEO, Diane Christman described her plans for The Cable Center (TCC), with a primary goal to accelerate the Center's "Vision 2025" plan. Diane's focus—to create an expanded and more innovation-focused organization—includes choregraphing thought leadership and expansion of the Center's Intrapreneur-ship Academy (IA) leadership program. As Chief Business Development Officer, Susie Tomenchok engages with the Center’s constituents—including C5 members—to identify key learning needs and opportunities for TCC to contribute to further development of the industry.

  • special event at the RockiesC5 SPECIAL EVENT AT THE ROCKIES. For this special event, everyone was taken to a Rockies baseball game at Coors Field. Before the first pitch was thrown—between the Colorado Rockies vs. the Washington Nationals—C5ers received another “Outside Learning” opportunity. As part of this event, Kevin Kahn, VP/Chief Customer Officer - Ballpark Ops, and Walker Monfort, VP, Corporate Partnerships (both of the Colorado Rockies), shared insights on how the Rockies manage the fan experience, including what it takes to create the best experience at the ballpark.

The full agenda and other conference information is available in the pdfC5 Spring 2022 Program Booklet(5.4 MB).

C5 Spring 2022 participants

Brian Kenny

Brian Kenny
Director, Barco Library
The Cable Center

Brian Kenny is the Director of the Barco Library and came to The Cable Center in June 2007. He spent the previous ten years as a reference librarian at the Denver Public Library, including three years in that institution's Western History Department. His previous special collections experience includes positions at the Illinois Historical Survey in the University of Illinois Library and the Ulysses S. Grant Association at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Brian has an M.S. in Library Science and an M.A. in History, both from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a member of the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists, the Society of American Archivists, SCTE, WICT, and RMCA.

Cindy Shoemaker

Cindy Shoemaker
Manager, Events
The Cable Center

Cindy Shoemaker joined The Cable Center in January 2019 with over 20 years of event management experience in the Denver market with an extensive background in venue management; marketing and outreach; non-profit event planning and development; community event management; and catering and design. She has a strong passion to assist our clients through the various event planning process to provide first in class events at The Cable Center, from corporate events to weddings. When not managing the event department, Cindy is part of our IA program as our Manager of Outreach.

Cindy is proud to be a Colorado native, growing up just blocks from The Cable Center in Washington Park. She has a passion for her family, pets, traveling, photography, and yoga. She is a certified power yoga teacher with Corepower Yoga since 2009 and often travels to Mexico and the Caribbean teaching yoga at resorts.

Mary Yacovetta

Mary Yacovetta
Programs & Special Projects Manager
The Cable Center

Mary joined The Cable Center in early 2017. As the Programs and Special Projects Manager her primary responsibilities include planning and coordinating the Annual Cable Hall of Fame event, coordinating additional projects for the Programs and Development Department and providing support to the Development and Marketing departments. Mary has held positions in operational management, account management, event planning, programming, and high-level client experience in corporate and small-business settings over the 25+ years of her career.

An Arizona transplant who has come to love the beautiful Colorado outdoors, Mary enjoys spending time with her four grown kids as well as golfing, fishing, traveling, painting, reading and photography.

Veronica Java-Nishida

Veronica Java-Nishida
Assistant Manager of Events
The Cable Center

Veronica Java-Nishida is the newest member to join the Cable Center as the Assistant Manager of Events. With over 7 years of event planning experience and as a newlywed herself, she looks forward to helping clients plan their special event!

Veronica has a B.A. from Colorado State University in Communication Studies with a minor in Business Administration. She lives in Castle Rock with her husband and enjoys watching football, playing golf, and enjoying the outdoors!

Andrew Michaletz

Andrew Michaletz, Residential Experience Manager, Midco
Residential Experience Manager

As Residential Experience Manager, Andrew is responsible for being an advocate for Midco’s customers in internal meetings, serving as a product manager for customer experience.

Andrew joined Midco ~2 months ago. Prior to Midco and the cable industry, he worked for Amcor, the world’s largest flexible packaging company for five years in a variety of roles in engineering, operations management, and product management. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh.

Andrew loves playing instruments (piano, trumpet, & guitar) as well as the outdoors (hiking, golf, skiing, snowshoeing). He is married with no kids, and they just moved from Oshkosh, Wisconsin to the Twin Cities.

Cory Limberg

Cory Limberg
VP, Customer Experience

Cory Limberg is the Vice President of Customer Experience for Midcontinent Communications.

Cory Limberg joined Midco as the Vice President of Customer Experience. Cory is responsible for leading Midco’s strategy to optimize the customer experience in all interactions – to deliver an exceptional customer experience while maintaining a highly engaged workforce. He is an industry leader with a 29-year career centered around the Customer Experience in the E-Commerce and Telecommunications space. Currently Cory enjoys the privilege of working with an incredible group of innovators who are passionate about delivering on the promise of a best in class customer experience organization.

Most recently, Cory was the Senior Director of Customer Care within the West Division of Comcast in St. Paul, MN. While there, he managed a 600-seat Center of Excellence. He was a key contributor in the development and deployment of several major initiatives, including serving as the pilot for a Net Promoter System – later adopted by more than 100,000 employees across the organization. Prior to joining Comcast, Cory was the Senior Director of Global Outsourcing at Yahoo. Along with his technology experience, Cory spent a number of years at Charter Communications and AT&T Broadband.

Jill Arbet

Jill Arbet
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Vyve Broadband

Jill has spent over twenty years working in the telecommunications and cable television industries. Currently, Jill serves as the SVP of Marketing for Vyve Broadband. Before that, she was the VP of Marketing at Suddenlink Communications, where she directed the company’s marketing and brand initiatives. While at Suddenlink, she also spearheaded the rebranding and name change of the company, not once but twice, and led the marketing transition and name change for eight separate acquisitions.

Jill was selected to participate in CTAM’s Cable Executive Management Program at Harvard Business School. She also belonged to the National Cable Television Cooperative Lancelot Group, was a Beacon Award Judge that honors cable communications and public affairs excellence and was a Judge for the Cable and Telecommunications Cable Marketing Awards Program.

Maureen Moore

Maureen Moore
Chief Customer Experience Officer

In her current position, Maureen is responsible for the overall customer experience strategy of GCI. With more than 20 years of telecom experience, she previously served as Vice President of Consumer Services, with marketing and operations responsibility for GCI’s consumer products, including wireless, Internet, cable TV, and wireline services. She also served on the Alaska Broadband Task Force from 2011-2014 which produced a plan for accelerating the deployment and adoption of broadband technology across Alaska. She graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Business Administration, double majoring in Finance and Management. Maureen is currently based out of Anchorage, Alaska.

Rodrigo Duclos

Rodrigo Duclos
Chief Digital Officer
Net Serviços Brasil

Rodrigo Modesto Duclos is graduated in Electric Engineering and holds an MBA in Strategy and Marketing where he developed a structural analysis of the Brazilian Cable industry in 1999.

Rodrigo began his career in NET Sul, a cable start-up back in 1994 and worked for different companies in the telecom industry (Claro, Promon, LogicaCMG). Since the early days he has been involved with many innovative projects in telecommunications such as the introduction of broadband in Brazil (Cable Modems), Mobile pre-paid services, SMS, Ring-tones, MMS, Mobile Internet (GPRS/Edge, WAP), Digital TV (DVB), VOD and IP Video among others.

Currently Rodrigo is leading the digital transformation projects in Claro Brasil Group (NET, Embratel and Claro) as the Chief Digital Officer.

Kimberly Gibson

Kimberly Gibson
Snr. Director Customer Operations
Cable ONE/Sparklight

Kimberly Gibson is the Senior Director of Customer Operations. As a key member of the Customer Operations Team, she is responsible for aligning strategy with company goals and objectives, testing and implementation of solutions and best practices to improve the customer experience across Cable ONE/Sparklight’s 42 systems and three inbound call centers. Kim has responsibilities for over 300 Cable ONE/Sparklight associates.

She joined Cable ONE/Sparklight in 2004 as Office Manager of Cable ONE/Sparklight’s technical Solution Center. In 2005, she was promoted to General Manager, assuming full responsibility for the day-to-day activities of the 150-seat center currently averaging 88,000 calls a month. Kim was promoted in August 2005 to the General Manager of Cable ONE/Sparklight’s national inbound Customer Care call center and was responsible for all aspects of the center’s daily operation, including but not limited to, strategy planning, leadership coaching and metric achievement. In January 2008, Kim was promoted to Director of Virtual Operations responsible for the operations of the Virtual Call centers in Cable ONE/Sparklight’s local markets.

Prior to joining the Cable ONE/Sparklight leadership team, Kim gained vast experience in the communications industry where she began her career with Qwest Communications in 1991. After advancing to a Network Operations Supervisor position in 1997, her quality focus resulted in a promotion to Network Operations Manager for Qwest’s Arizona dispatch centers.

Kimberly graduated from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff with a B.S. in Hospitality Management and earned an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix.

Jon Coscia

Jon Coscia
Group VP, Customer Operations

Jonathan Coscia is the Group Vice President of Customer Service and Field Support Operations at Mediacom Communications Corporation. He is the executive responsible for customer service call center operations, field dispatch and workforce management operations, development of customer self-service channels, and inbound sales and retention operations. Jon is a 19-year veteran in the cable industry joining Mediacom Communications in 2007.

John Del Viscio

John Del Viscio
Director, Operations
Blue Ridge Communications

John Del Viscio is the Director of Operations at Blue Ridge. He has over 22 years of leadership experience at Fortune 500 companies in all areas of business operations especially, sales, customer fulfillment, service delivery, call center operations and talent management.

John holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the Philadelphia University.

Simón Tadeo

Simón Tadeo
Customer Experience Director
Telecom Argentina

Simón Tadeo is the Customer Experience Director at Telecom, the leading telecommunications company in Argentina. Telecom main brands are Personal (Mobile), Fibertel (Broadband), Arnet (ADSL Broadband) and Cablevisión (TV). For corporate customers Telecom main brands are Fibercorp & Telecom Negocios.

Simón began his career at Cablevision in 1998 and has held various positions, including Client Retention Coordinator, Business Analyst, Head of Administration & Control and Sales Integration Manager. In 2008, after the merger between Cablevision and Multicanal, Simón assumed responsibility for the creation and integration of the new business processes.

From November 2009, Simón led the Open Project—a three-year business transformation project that deployed a new CRM, billing system, workforce management, mobile, & BI systems in Cablevisión, Fibertel and Fibercorp. For the next three years, Simón focused on improving customer experience for Cablevisión - Fibertel, fostering Innovation across the company and leading a cross company Project Management Team. From June 2016 until January 2018, Simón was responsible for the leadership of the Sales & Customer Care management teams, which included accountability for sales and churn, contact centers, digital channels, retail stores, business processes and customer insights.

In February 2018, following the merger of Telecom and Cablevision, Simón was appointed the Customer Experience Director of the newly-formed company, Telecom Argentina.

Simón holds a degree in Business Administration from the UCA (University Católica Argentina) and studies in Marketing at UCES (University of Business and Social Sciences).

Mark Snow

Mark Snow
SVP, Consumer Marketing & Insights

Mark has been a marketer in the communications and broadband industry for 22 years with experience in marketing strategy, consumer insights, analytics, digital marketing and traditional media marketing. Mark is currently Senior Vice President & General Manager of Consumer Marketing & Insights for CTAM, the Cable Industry’s marketing association. In this role, he leads the MSO Marketing Cooperative, a consortium of the largest cable companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe, with a team focused on consumer marketing, analytics and consumer research. The team leads a number of councils focused on industry best practices and manages the National Mover Marketing Program for its U.S. members.

Prior to CTAM, Mark was VP of Marketing Strategy & Analytics for Swire, a Los Angeles-based boutique advertising agency. Before Swire, Mark was with Cox Communications for eight years, where he held roles of increasing responsibility in marketing. Before joining the Cable Industry, Mark spent seven years in the wireless industry with GTE Wireless, now a part of Verizon.

Mark holds a B.A. degree cum laude in Music History, Theory and Composition from the College of Charleston and an M.B.A. with honors from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.

Wyatt Barnett

Wyatt Barnett
Senior Director, Industry and Association Affairs

Wyatt Barnett is Senior Director, Industry and Association Affairs at NCTA. He is responsible for directing technology in NCTA’s Innovation Center – a high-profile space in Washington, DC where we tell policymakers how our industry connects Americans and empowers the future. Previously, Wyatt served in a variety of roles over 16 years in NCTA’s Information Technology shop including network, database and application development responsibilities.

Wyatt resides in Washington, DC with his wife and daughter and graduated Tulane University with a BA in History.

Mickie Calkins

Mickie Calkins
Director of Strategic Partnerships

Currently working as the Director of Strategic Partnerships for CableLabs, Mickie has enjoyed a 30+ year career being on or leading technical teams in organizations like Hewlett-Packard, Plantronics and Texas Instruments. A long-time champion of user-centered design, Mickie holds four patents for the design of user interfaces associated with media consumption in the home as well as a design innovation award for her contribution developing an award-winning remote control for Hewlett-Packard. She is also an innovation coach for UpRamp, an accelerator designed to connect established start-ups with the cable industry.

Mickie holds a Bachelors degree in Technical Journalism and Computer Science from Colorado State University and is a member of WICT (Women in Cable Telecommunications), ACM, SIGChi and IEEE.

Doug McCrabb

Doug McCrabb
Business Development Director
Statflo Inc.

Thirty years working as a sales leader in the telecommunications industry, mostly in wireless. Sold the first wireless phones to naval ships in Norfolk, VA, and built the first wireless retail stores in Birmingham, Portland, and Atlanta. Pioneered the first exclusive dealer contracts for SunCom Wireless, launched prepaid and then helped prepare the SunCom wireless sale to TMO. Negotiated the initial Cox distribution agreement with Sam’s Club making Cox the first Cableco represented in Sam’s Club.

Scott McArthur

Scott McArthur
Chief Revenue Officer
Statflo Inc.

Scott McArthur is the Chief Revenue Officer at Statflo, leading the company’s Sales, Partnerships and Customer divisions. With over 15 years of experience across consumer retail and technology sectors, Scott’s focus has always been to improve the customer experience through profitable interactions.

Prior to joining Statflo, he managed Sales and Marketing teams at Telus, one of Canada’s largest Telecommunications companies, responsible for bringing innovative solutions to the frontline teams in the SMB and Consumer segments. During his career, he has built high performing teams and developed programs that drive engagement and revenue growth.

Charles Patti

Charles Patti
Senior Fellow & Cox Chair
The Cable Center

Charles (Chuck) is the James M. Cox Professor of Customer Experience Management and Senior Fellow at The Cable Center and a Professor Emeritus at the University of Denver and Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. Professor Patti has deep international experience through consulting and academic appointments throughout Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia, with extensive experience in building, delivering, and evaluating curriculum in a wide range of settings, including doctoral seminars, MBA and other specialized postgraduate courses, undergraduate programs, and professional and corporate learning. He has special expertise in case method learning and has coordinated several case learning workshops, including a Harvard Business School case workshop. He was an early adopter of online teaching and learning technologies and developed several firsts in learning technology, including the first video case, the C-DIE format (interactive case learning), the online MBA (Otis Elevator Company), and most recently, the Virtual Grocery Environment for interactive learning.

Much of his teaching draws from his business and consulting experience, which includes clients in the higher education sector (The Cultural Precinct, University Libraries, Bureau of Publications, Athletic Departments, Colleges of Business, Law, and Arts, and the Australian Vice Chancellors’ Committee) and in the business sector (American Newspaper Publishers Association, American Telephone Advertising, Inc., Chubb Electronic Security, Gannett, Inc., McDonald’s Corp., New Zealand Telecom, and Sunsuper, Pty. Ltd.) He has built and delivered major learning programs with consulting clients that have included Aetna Insurance, British American Tobacco, Otis Elevator, Queensland State Department of Development, Siemens, Texas Instruments, and Philip Morris. His research covers marketing communication and CE management and his work includes journal articles, book chapters, and eight books on various aspects of marketing. Recently, Dr. Patti has been conducting research on the Customer Experience (CE) Maturity Curve, CE ROI, and CE metrics. He is a past winner of the Marketing Educator of the Year Award and is recipient of the James Hershner Free Enterprise Award.

Dr. Patti holds a A.B. (history and literature), an M.S. (advertising) and a Ph.D., all from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

Kevin H. Kahn

Kevin H. Kahn, Vice President/Chief Customer Officer - Ballpark Operations
Vice President/Chief Customer Officer
Ballpark Operations

This season is Kevin Kahn’s 28th with the Rockies and 21st as vice president of ballpark operations. In December 2003, the club named Kahn its first-ever chief customer officer, charging him with the responsibility of overseeing the Coors Field Customer Service Committee, a diverse group of Rockies and partner employees whose sole purpose is to continually strive for and uphold the highest standards of service provided by the Rockies and Coors Field service partners for all of the club’s employees, guests and sponsors. Kahn also directs all aspects of ballpark operations, including the club’s partnership with the Coors Field food service provider, Aramark.

Prior to being named vice president, Kahn was senior director of Coors Field operations from 1997-2000. He was the director of stadium services his first three seasons with the club. Kahn has been involved with professional baseball for 40 years, previously working for the Oakland Athletics from 1981-93. He started as an operations assistant before being named director of stadium operations in 1987. He spent his last seven seasons with the A’s in that capacity.

The Oakland, Calif., native graduated from Bishop O’Dowd High School. He went on to receive his bachelor’s degree in business administration from California State University-Hayward.

Kevin has two children, Haley and Kyle, and resides in Highlands Ranch, Colo., with his wife Lisa.

Diane Christman

Diane Christman
President & CEO
The Cable Center

Diane Christman leads The Cable Center’s work to build on the activation of Vision 2025, the expansion of the Intrapreneurship Academy, and the investment in creating a vibrant community for resource and idea sharing through thought leadership. She will advance the Vision 2025 strategic planning initiative implementation in collaboration with The Cable Center team and board after co-leading the effort in 2020 and 2021.

Diane brings 30 years of experience building partnerships that drive growth and create value. She is respected for her diplomatic style and global perspective, valued by an industry inventing the future of high-quality video content and Gigabit-speed connectivity for residential and business customers in U.S. and international markets. Diane joined The Cable Center in 2006 as vice president, marketing and development. She was promoted to senior vice president, programs and development in 2009 and senior vice president, development and chief program officer in 2019. She became president and CEO in January of 2022.

Since she joined The Cable Center, Diane has been responsible for creation of The Center’s $10 million Chairman’s Fund endowment campaign (approaching completion); partnerships supporting The Cable Center’s Mavericks Lecture Series, Cable Mavericks Masters Forum, and Cable Center Customer Centric Consortium (C5) initiatives; increasingly successful Cable Hall of Fame events; and organizational re-branding.

Diane holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Denver and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from Colorado State University. She lives in Denver with her husband and daughter and enjoys travel, skiing, and reading. She is an aspiring artist and drummer.

Susie Tomenchok

Susie Tomenchok
People shifter, Negotiation Guru, & Speaker
The Cable Center

Susie Tomenchok is an empathetic customer success and business development executive who uses strategic negotiation to develop key partnerships and drive business growth through innovation.

Janice Silver

Janice Silver
Vice President
Intrapreneurship Academy Programs
The Cable Center

Janice joined The Cable Center in 2016 and was instrumental in creating and launching the Intrapreneurship Academy (IA) in 2017. As Vice President of Intrapreneurship Academy programs, Janice’s primary focus is driving the ongoing evolution and expansion of IA.

Over the 25+ years of her career, Janice has held marketing and sales management leadership positions within corporate, non-profit and tech start-up environments. Janice’s early career was in the telecommunications industry, working at AT&T and MCI Telecommunications.

Janice holds a Bachelor of Science in marketing from the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana. Janice is a Chicago transplant with fast growing, deep roots in Denver, despite the dry climate. Janice enjoys spending time with her husband and two grown children, hiking and riding the extensive trails throughout Denver.

Nicole Wininger

Nicole Wininger
Director of Customer Care Operations
Blue Ridge

Nicole Wininger is the Director of Customer Care Operations at Blue Ridge Communications. She is responsible for Blue Ridge’s Contact Center Operations, Work Force Management Operations, Inbound/Outbound Sales & Retention Initiatives, Quality Control, Root Cause Analysis, and employee onboarding/learning & development strategy. Nicole’s passion is developing future leaders within the organization and being involved in projects related to CX Strategy so their team can deliver exceptional experiences.

Nicole attended Lehigh Carbon Community College for Business Administration. She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) who is also an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Nicole is presently working towards her Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification through Villanova University. She is also a member of both the New York and Philadelphia WICT chapters.

Nicole holds 17 years experience in the Broadband and Cable/Telecommunications industry, proudly wearing the Blue Ridge Colors, since 2004.

Stephenie Hoehndorf

Stephenie Hoehndorf
Director of Customer Experience

Stephenie joined the CableLabs team in November 2018 and brings a wealth of expertise for creating successful customer experiences for over a dozen years. In her role, she’s responsible for creating a customer experience strategy for Kyrio. Stephenie has worked in customer experience for more than a dozen years and mostly in the telecom and technology industries, including very large — Fortune 100 to 500 companies — organizations.

Katherine Gessner

Katherine Gessner
MCTV (Massillon)

Katherine Gessner is President of MCTV, a family-owned Internet, TV and Phone provider serving 50,000 customers across eight counties in Northeast Ohio. Katherine represents the third generation of local family leadership at MCTV, following in her father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. Katherine joined the MCTV team in 2013 as the sales and marketing manager and has held several roles at MCTV — most recently vice president of strategic planning and policy — before being named president in 2019.

Katherine earned her Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Marietta College (OH) in 2005 and her MBA from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver in 2011.

Similar to her father and grandfather, Katherine is deeply rooted in, and values the importance of supporting the local communities that MCTV serves. Katherine serves on the boards for several area organizations including the Massillon Public Library, Stark State College Foundation, and the Massillon WestStark Chamber of Commerce. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, cooking, and playing with her two dogs.

Eric Burton

Eric Burton
Vice President, Tools, Technology, and Quality

Eric Burton is Vice President, Tools, Technology, and Quality overseeing desktop tools, customer facing support tools and content, ITGs and troubleshooting solutions, quality, performance management, and coaching. He plays an important role in developing Customer Service strategy at Comcast, working closely with his peers across the Divisions, National COEs, and Headquarters. Eric is squarely focused on Comcast’s goal to make the customer experience the best product, through ensuring that employees and customers have the best possible tools, and that quality and coaching programs reinforce and support that goal. Eric is focused on identifying winning behaviors that will help build a culture of Ownership at all levels of the organization.

Prior to joining Comcast, Eric was Group Vice President, Care Shared Services at Time Warner Cable. In that role, Eric was responsible for outsourced operations, alternative care channels, reporting and analytics, care technology, quality and customer perspective, and voice operations. Eric also held a variety of executive Operations and Technology leadership positions at Time Warner Cable, and having worked his way up through the ranks has extensive front-line leadership experience as well.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, is a graduate of the Tuck School of Business Executive Program, and completed the CTAM Management Program at the Harvard Business School.

He resides in his native Southern California with his wife and two daughters and enjoys time with family, trail running, mountain-biking, and generally being outdoors as much as possible.

Ian Greenblatt

Ian Greenblatt, Managing Director, J.D. Power
Managing Director & GM
TMT Practice Leader
J.D. Power

Ian Greenblatt, Managing Director, leads the Technology/Media/Telecom practice of J.D. Power. For the past four years, he has been responsible for the firm’s TMT customer satisfaction studies and the performance improvement services J.D. Power provides to the industry. Ian brought his decades of TMT experience to J.D. Power from his own boutique advisory practice where he delivered strategy and board of directors’ guidance to public companies, and enabled public, private and institutional investors to direct capital in the cable and broadcast space.

Previously, Greenblatt served as Vice President, Strategy & Business Development at ARRIS, then the world leader in set-top box and cable modem technology. In that role, he provided strategy and leadership to monetize the $500M+ multiscreen products portfolio and played an integral part in transactions to grow ARRIS’ solutions capabilities.

Before ARRIS, Greenblatt was responsible for content strategy and business development at Motorola Mobility, a division of Google. Together with world-class researchers and technologists, he drove Motorola corporate development of next-generation video and associated services for set-tops and mobile devices by developing and acquiring technologies and providers to define future video experiences, along with leading teams to develop or acquire such technology. As a pioneer in the OTT (over-the-top) and television on-demand spaces his start-ups included Zattoo, the world’s first virtual cable operator with live broadcast television, and Broadbus, a pioneer of solid-state computer systems for delivering television on-demand.

He holds a BSc from Northwestern University, a Juris Doctor from DePaul University College of Law, and has completed the USC Marshall School of Business Executive Leadership Program.

David Zierman

David Zierman
Global Account Director
J.D. Power

David Zierman is a Global Strategic Account Director, in the Technology, Media and Telecom Practice at J.D. Power. He is responsible for all aspects of the client relationship. He works directly with residential and business mobile service providers as well as internet and television service providers to help organizations streamline and improve customer focus. He specializes in providing insight as to how the Voice of the Customer (VoC) impacts this highly competitive industry. Mr. Zierman’s expertise is in helping companies understand and operationalize customer data.

Prior to joining J.D. Power in 2015, Mr. Zierman spent more than 20 years assisting enterprise organizations while working for well-established market insight service providers. He has an extensive background in customer-related research in the telecommunications, technology and retail industries. Most recently, he ran a research department for Daymon World Wide, one of the world’s largest retail services companies. Previously, he held positions as a global account manager, providing services to several Fortune 50 companies.

Mr. Zierman holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in communications and an MBA from the University of Oregon.

Phil McKinney

Phil McKinney,
President & CEO,
President & CEO

Phil McKinney is President and CEO of CableLabs. In this capacity he heads the research and development organization responsible for charting the cable industry’s technology and innovation roadmap.

Prior to joining CableLabs, he was the vice president and chief technology officer of the $40 billion (FY12) Personal Systems Group at HP. He was responsible for long-range strategic planning, research and development (R&D) and product roadmaps for the company’s PC product lines, including mobile devices, notebooks, desktops and workstations. In addition, McKinney was founder and leader of HP’s Innovation Program Office (IPO). The IPO was chartered to identify, incubate and launch adjacent and fundamentally new technologies, products and services that would become the future growth engines for HP.

Recently (February 2012), Phil released his first book on innovation and personal creativity titled Beyond The Obvious, published by Hyperion. The book is available in hardcover, digital and audio formats. The book will soon be available in Russian, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean and Japanese.

His influence on innovation and creativity includes:

  • Sharing his expertise in innovation and creativity, free of charge (in an approach he refers to as “paying it forward”) through his award winning podcast Killer Innovations™ (available on iTunes). It has been named by CIO Insight as a “must listen” podcast.
  • Vanity Fair named him the “The Innovation Guru”
  • MSNBC and FOX Business both call him “The Gadget Guy”
  • His uncanny ability to predict what’s coming next caused him to be dubbed as the “chief seer” by The San Jose Mercury News.
  • He was named as one of the “25 Most Influential People in Mobile Tech” by LAPTOP Magazine.
  • He is a contributing columnist for Forbes where he writes the column “The Objective” for Forbes.com

McKinney serves on the:

  • Advisory Board for Hacking Autism
  • Board of Directors for The Computer History Museum
  • Executive Board of the Santa Clara County Council for the Boy Scouts of America

Christopher J. Lammers

Christopher J. Lammers, COO Emeritus & Senior Executive Advisor, CableLabs
COO Emeritus & Senior Executive Advisor

Chris is currently COO Emeritus and Senior Executive Advisor for CableLabs leading special projects and initiatives, including the integration of SCTE as a key part of CableLabs, together with supporting relationships across industry associations including ACA Connects, The Cable Center, CCSA, the Emma Bowen Foundation, NCTA, NCTC and WICT. Prior to this, Chris served as senior vice president and chief operating officer at CableLabs directing accounting and finance, IT, facilities and membership development. He remains committed to relationships with mid-sized and smaller MSOs, as well as with international cable operators in Asia, Europe and Latin America, key communities he built at CableLabs.

Chris currently serves as a member of the board of directors of The Cable Center and the Emma Bowen Foundation and is actively involved in committees and/or support for several national and international industry trade associations. He is a member of the Cable TV Pioneers (Class of 2021).

Prior to joining CableLabs in 1997, Chris was president and CEO of Western Communications, a mid-sized multiple system operator with cable systems located in the Western United States. Before that, Chris was a partner with the San Francisco law firm of Cooper, White & Cooper.

Chris received a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Chicago School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction from Stanford University.

Suzanne Foy

Suzanne Foy
VP, Customer Care Partner Management, Strategy and Cox Business Support
Cox Communications

Leading Cox customer care outsource partner management, strategy, program management and Cox business customer support. Previous roles include customer support, billing and payment experiences across call center and online channels, customer-focused process standardization, user-focused knowledge management, communications and agent education.

Chris Simmonds

Chris Simmonds
Director, Performance Analysis & Insights
Liberty Global

Chris Simmonds is Director Performance Analysis & Insights working at Liberty Global’s central office in Amsterdam. He’s part of the Central Business Analysis team which is overseeing all Technology and Innovation reporting, Insights and best practices sharing. With this Chris has built up extensive knowledge and insights across Liberty Global Operating companies focussing on CEX, Customer Ops, Product and Network.

Before Central Business Analysis team he worked for Supply Chain within Liberty Global responsible for E2E performance reporting across OpCo’s. And prior to that as Operational Improvement consultant thereby optimizing manufacturing companies.