community of innovators 2017

The Cable Center doesn’t just tell cable’s story. Through its educational programming, The Cable Center connects people and ideas, and advances innovation in the industry.

Our most viewed program is the Hauser Oral History Project. Hundreds of industry leaders have contributed their personal accounts, initially on audio only, and later on video. Today, more than 360 video and audio histories are available, which tell the cable story from the varied viewpoints of entrepreneurs, engineers, operators, programmers, marketers, producers, financiers and journalists.

Our future-focused initiative, The Community of Innovators (COI), connects the industry’s entrepreneurial past to its future through educational programs for local entrepreneurs, university students and industry intrapreneurs. One component of COI is our Maverick’s lecture series where industry leaders inspire university audiences. View the library of Maverick’s lectures online. Building on The Center’s university-focused programming is their sponsorship of the One Day Immersion in TV, Cable and Digital Entertainment (ODI) series. ODI provides executives exposure to the next generation of industry leaders as they develop strategic relationships.

Meet our Senior Fellows, the dedicated group of academics that make our work in customer experience and other educational initiatives possible. Through Customer Experience (C5), The Center plays an important role, supporting the industry’s pursuit of excellence and strengthening its public reputation.