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C5/Customer Experience

The Cable Center has been at the forefront of the customer experience (CE) movement for more than a decade – through the James M. Cox Endowed Professorship in customer experience, the work of the Center’s Senior Fellows, and the Cable Center Customer Centric Consortium (C5). C5 strives to be the home of thought leadership and research for the industry regarding customer experience, defining, and developing excellence in customer experience management (CEM).

Most experts agree on a broad definition of customer experience that includes, “The collection of activities that organizations create and deliver to a customer during an encounter with a brand”. But organizations now realize that customer experience is more than a collection of activities and must encompass how a customer views every aspect of their relationship to a brand and organization. The ultimate goal is to cultivate an emotional connection with customers that transcends any one transaction or experience. The C5 initiatives have established a solid foundation on which to build industry best practices in this critical area.

C5 provides educational, research, and collaborative learning opportunities to its members, with bi-annual meetings where this small, intimate group of customer care/customer experience executives openly discuss the challenges and successes they experience.

Current members include executives from among the leading cable operator companies in the U.S.A. (Comcast, Cox, Mediacom, GCI, CableOne, Vyve Broadband, MIDCO, MCTV, Spectrum/Charter); Canada (Rogers); Europe (Liberty); and South America (Cablevision Argentina, Net Serviços Brasil).

C5 efforts are led by Dr. Charles Patti, The Cable Center’s Senior Fellow and James M. Cox Endowed Professorship in Customer Experience, in conjunction Senior Fellows Drs. Ron Rizzuto and Maria van Dessel. The Senior Fellows develop the meeting agendas, drive an ongoing research agenda that is set by the interests of C5 members, and also offer workshops, seminars, and training in CEM.

The Committee is supported by three Co-Chairs: Graham Tutton, VP, Customer Insights at Comcast, Andrés Piderit, VP, Customer Care at Rogers Communications, and Scott Wise, VP, Customer Operations at Cox Communications.

If you are interested in becoming a member or sponsoring a meeting, contact Charles Patti at or call 720.212.6971 or Diane Christman at or call 720.502.7512.


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