Intrapreneurship Academy (IA)

The Cable Center’s Intrapreneurship Academy (IA) provides cable industry rising stars with the skills and mindset to become intrapreneurs: to envision and effect change, and to innovate within their organizations’ existing corporate structures. We believe innovation can be applied in any facet of your work—processes, products, programs, people, and technologies.


Stories from our Intrapreneurs
Featuring Jordan Florschuetz


  • jordan florscheutz 2017 fall
  • Jordan Florschuetz
    Product Manager
    Charter Communications

    “Don’t assume you shouldn’t make assumptions”

    What’s one of the skills you learned during IA that you continue to leverage?

    We had a whole week on defining our assumptions as they related to our projects, and I use those skills now all the time! It’s extremely useful to write out all of your assumptions and then start proving them or disproving them. When you bring a whole new idea to somebody, you can’t expect them to not have questions or push back. But when you define the assumptions and explain them, you can get people on board with your idea. The assumption piece and process I learned is something I use for every product at my job.

    How did IA influence your feelings about the industry?

    I would say it was definitely a positive influence on what I think about the industry as a whole. It was incredible to be in front of all of the speakers, to hear their stories and what they have done and overcome in the industry. It opened my eyes to how large the industry is, but also how incredibly close knit it is; it almost has a small town feel! And all of these leaders know each other and support each other, and genuinely seem to care where the industry is going.

    What is your advice for Intrapreneurs going through the program?

    Challenge yourself with a project that you're passionate about. I think defining what you want to accomplish through this program is extremely important right in the beginning because you could have other initiatives being thrown at you. If there is something you really want to drive and see it go somewhere, this is a great opportunity to groom your idea through a program, and actually be able to make it happen. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box or bring up your craziest idea because IA will help you define what that project really means to you and why you're passionate about it. Also, don’t be afraid to learn new processes and make shifts within your project.

    Where do you see yourself in your career in five years?

    I see myself making a difference for our customers. I am really focused on listening to our customers holistically, from start to finish. My goal is to drive my department to keep changing, identifying and challenging assumptions, and evolving so that we can keep our customers at the forefront of our thoughts and products.