Intrapreneurship Academy (IA)

The Cable Center’s Intrapreneurship Academy (IA) provides cable industry rising stars with the skills and mindset to become intrapreneurs: to envision and effect change, and to innovate within their organizations’ existing corporate structures. We believe innovation can be applied in any facet of your work—processes, products, programs, people, and technologies.

Intrapreneurship Academy: Tomorrow's Innovators Start Here.

Are you an Intrapreneur?

100%  of intrapreneur  graduates agree (or strongly agree) that they will use new tools/skills learned in their current role.An intrapreneur drives innovation and harnesses creativity to transform an idea into a profitable venture, while operating within the organizational environment.

While an entrepreneur is defined as a person who establishes a new business with an innovative idea or concept, an intrapreneur undertakes innovations on behalf of their organization. Both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs share similar qualities like conviction, creativity, zeal and insight, and both are instrumental in driving innovation.

The Cable Center’s Intrapreneurship Academy

The Intrapreneurship Academy at The Cable Center gives cable industry rising leaders the tools to become intrapreneurs by teaching the process of innovation and applying it to a real-world project within their companies. Participants engage with an instructor, each other, and a company sponsor so they can master the skills to drive innovation within their roles. This program is motivating for the intrapreneurs and a great way for companies to invest in the future.

This unique 8-week program is structured with both in-person and online study. There is an in-person 2-day kickoff followed by 6 weeks of online modules, concluding with a 2-day in-person capstone.

There are two versions of this class: IA and IA – Company Track.

1. In IA, the class is comprised of participants from a variety of organizations and disciplines. Intrapreneurs are guided through the steps of the innovation process, advancing individual projects from problem definition through innovation business plan. Along with attaining a practical toolkit for innovation, one of the most beneficial aspects to IA is the opportunity to learn from, and learn about, others in the industry.

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IA - Flyer (PDF)

2. In IA – Company Track, organizations have the opportunity to conduct IA in-house, teaching the process of innovation to a group of rising leaders in one organization. Projects can still be individual, or can be in small groups, or as a class. A benefit of this approach is it educates a larger group within an organization, allowing companies to accelerate innovation.

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IA - Company Track (PDF)


The academy is looking for candidates who display intrapreneurial behaviors and attributes. These include curiosity, a zeal for creating something new, passion for your work, and a penchant for asking questions.

The program is open to early and mid-career (manager, senior manager, director or VP) cable industry professionals (operators, vendors, programmers or associates) from any department or discipline who want to become intrapreneurs.

IA Curriculum

A core tenet of the curriculum is that innovation is a process; and that process can be learned, practiced, and honed.

Over the course of the two-day kickoff, six-week program, and two-day capstone, Intrapreneurs are guided through the steps of the innovation process.

The program combines in-person events and online, facilitated self-study, where Intrapreneurs work through real-world projects as they complete each module.

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Program Highlights

Two-Day Kickoff (at The Cable Center)

  • Introduction to Intrapreneurship
  • Intrapreneurship self-assessment
  • Industry speakers
  • Project selection with company sponsor

Instructor-Facilitated Learning (Online, 1-1.5 hours/week)

  • Tailored learning modules that include articles, videos, webinars and Zoom conferences
  • Ongoing interaction with and access to the instructor

Two-Day Capstone (at The Cable Center)

  • Culture change and innovation
  • Industry speakers and panels
  • Developing an Innovation Business Plan that captures what you’ve learned, communicates a plan for action, and attracts advocates and dollars


Each Intrapreneur partners with a Sponsor within his or her organization to help navigate roadblocks and provide practical guidance.

Sponsors are essential to your success. Your sponsor will help you adjust your project as needed, move your ideas along through the proper channels, and provide a “big picture” perspective of the company and industry as a whole.

The ideal sponsor is:

  • Recognized as a strong people developer
  • One or two two levels above the participant (but not their direct manager)
  • Able to advise participants on their innovation projects, help them understand the context and culture in which they are working, and advocate for them within the broader organization

Learn more about the Sponsor’s role.

Now accepting applicants for the 2019 class.
Class 6: Aug. 13 – Oct. 2

Program cost
Early Bird $5,450*
Standard $5,950
*Early bird deadline: June 21, 2019

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