Robert Tudek

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Robert Tudek

Robert Tudek

Interview Date: Tuesday July 22, 1997
Interview Location: University Park, PA
Interviewer: E. Stratford Smith
Collection: Penn State Collection
Note: Audio Only

SMITH: It is July 22, 1997. I am E. Stratford Smith, cable television pioneer, and professor of cable telecommunications, at the College of Communications at The Pennsylvania State University. We are about to commence and oral history interview with Robert E. Tudek, a prominent cable television pioneer and operator. This oral history interview is one of a series of interviews with pioneers and current leaders in the cable TV industry. Mr. Tudek qualifies under both accounts. The interviews are being conducted under the auspices of the National Cable Television Center and Museum now headquartered in Denver, Colorado. This interview is being conducted at my offices in the James Building on the campus of The Pennsylvania State University at University Park, Pennsylvania. I have known Mr. Tudek for so many years, that I intend to call him Bob in this interview. Bob are you ready to proceed?

TUDEK: Yes, I am.

SMITH: Would you give me then, for the record, your full name and address, tell us when and where you were born.

TUDEK: Robert Edward Tudek. I live officially in Florida; have been a resident of Bonita Springs, Florida now for nine years. However I spend the summers here in State College. I've been living here in State College since 1965. I was born May 1st, 1926, in Glassport, Pennsylvania, a steel community with a glass factory, eighteen miles south of Pittsburgh. I'm a graduate of Glassport High...

SMITH: Hold up on that, Bob. Let me get to