Nick Davatzes

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Nick Davatzes

Nick Davatzes

Interview Date: Monday December 04, 2000
Collection: Hauser Collection

GREENE: Good morning. This is Susan Greene. I'm with The Cable Center in Denver and as part of the Gus Hauser Oral History Project; we are interviewing Nick Davatzes, who is President and CEO of A&E Television Networks. It is April 19th, 2001. Good morning, Nick.

DAVATZES: Good morning. How are you?

GREENE: As you know, this is part of an extensive oral history project that The Cable Center is doing under the auspices of Gus Hauser and his endowment of this and we're spending time speaking with the people who are the movers and shakers and the founders of the industry.

DAVATZES: Well, that doesn't include me; I can tell you that for sure.

GREENE: You just took my line! It definitely includes you!

DAVATZES: No, I don't think so.