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The Barco Library in Denver is the industry’s preeminent collection of entrepreneurial accounts and objects to empower the new generation of bold thinkers through an understanding of how the fundamentals of innovation have stood the test of time and to advance what’s next. It is the world's largest collection of printed, audio, and video resources, as well as equipment, exclusively related to the connectivity industry. Its collections are routinely consulted by professionals working on wide-ranging projects – from documentaries and news productions to books and publications.

Named after cable pioneers and educational advocates Yolanda and George Barco, thousands of items are featured in the Barco Library holdings, covering virtually every facet of industry innovation and advances. Our collections include:

  • The Hauser Oral History Project - More than 400 video and audio first-person accounts that tell the stories of our industry's icons and influencers and preserve stories of innovation to inspire the next generation. The collection includes the varied viewpoints of entrepreneurs, engineers, operators, programmers, marketers, producers, financiers, and journalists.
  • Published materials - More than 2,000 industry-specific books and 200 trade periodicals. Search in the University of Denver online catalog by clicking on "Published Materials" above and limit results to The Cable Center.
  • The Edward D. Breen Technical Archives - More than 2,500 pieces of equipment tracing the technological advances of the connectivity industry.
  • Virtual Reality Equipment Archives - Starting with 40 pieces of equipment 3D scanned.
  • Manuscripts - More than 120 collections containing the correspondence, records, drawings and personal papers of industry notables and organizations.
  • Photograph Collections - 100,000 (and counting) original prints, negatives, slides and digital photos chronicling the pictorial history of the connectivity industry.
  • Media Memorabilia - More than 2,000 objects that commemorate people,companies, events, and marketing materials produced by the industry
  • Media Collection - A wide array of videos featuring programs, cable shows, training and people involved in the connectivity industry.
  • Podcasts - Stories from the Headend.

Please contact the librarian (info below) for detailed information about any of our collections.

The Barco Library is presented by the George J. Barco Estate, the Yolanda G. Barco Estate and the Barco-Duratz Foundation.

Kevin McDevitt with Jones Intercable dragon in the Barco Library Kevin McDevitt with the Jones Intercable dragon in the Barco Library


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