Barco Library: Media Collection

Barco Library Media Collection

The Barco Library Media Collection contains more than 5,000 audiotapes and videotapes in VHS, beta, U-matic and digital formats. The collection consists of a wide variety of material including speeches, lectures and interviews from people involved in the cable industry. It also contains material from information sessions and panels from cable industry conventions, training tapes, advertising and cable network programming.

Additional highlights of the collection include:

  • Original cable programming
  • Promotional videos
  • Public service programming
  • Documentaries

Inventories and finding aids for the individual video collections are available here.

If you are looking for information on something specific, or would like to see a complete listing of what is included in the Media Collection, please contact us.

The generous donations of individuals, vendors, manufacturers, operators, engineers and industry pioneers have made this remarkably rich and varied collection possible.

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