Impact on Society and Culture

Cable Today and Tomorrow Timeline Exhibit:
Media's Impact on Society and Culture

Our world, society and culture have changed exponentially in the last 65 years.  A credible argument can be waged that cable—and media as a whole—has in fact, changed our world. In many cases, cable has been at the center of the changes, either as the catalyst itself or serving as the primary medium for reporting change.  Cable’s impact on culture cannot be denied.

Entire populations continue to benefit from the accelerated speed in which information is transmitted thanks to the Internet. And virtual reality experiences promise to revolutionize the way the world is seen, permanently.

These impacts have become an important part of the media industry’s legacy and story.

But which are the most essential? The most transformational?

Our interactive timeline aims to address this evolving question, covering landmark occurrences such as the the First Cable Systems in 1948, community antenna television (CATV), the deployment of cable modems to make information instantly accessible as well as many others.

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